Xiaomi 70mai Car Reversing Rear Camera Design, Features Review


Do you have problems always reversing your car because you are scared of looking behind? When driving, is it difficult for you to look behind to see oncoming vehicles? or do you always want to have a clear view of whats happening behind you while driving? If you have such problem then we have a very good deal for you with the Xiaomi 70mai Car Reversing Rear Camera. Without wasting much of your time, lets head straight into the short review.


The Xiaomi 70mai Car Reversing Rear Camera comes in a very classic and simple design with an all black color. It is fabricated from solid materials which ensure the device stay glue and undestroyed while the wheel is on a motion. The camera IPX7 Waterproof so you don’t have to worry about any fog/mist getting inside even when heavily flooded with water. If you are purchasing this device, it comes with the following 1 x reversing camera, 1 x video cable, 2 x install screw, 1 x user manual.


The reverse camera comes with a Super HD Camera which adopts an advanced high sensitive 720P image sensor which makes night vision very clear as bright as daylight. In Order to shoot normally on a dimly lit night, the camera is equipped with a large image sensor with a large number of pixels to enhance the image quality and obstacles behind the car are displayed more clearly. The device is capable of offering 138 degrees wide angle view which would show traffic condition in two adjacent lanes behind the road, which afford more safer parking.

The camera is quite easy to use and install. After installation, both the front and rear recording functions can be realized, giving the driver more safety protection during driving. When the vehicle is hung to the reverse gear, the rearview mirror screen is switched to the reverse image screen, which can clearly observe the road behind the car.

The Xiaomi 70mai Car Reversing Rear Camera is a device that ought to be in most cars to avoid some unforeseen event while driving. It is currently available on Gearbest for just $23.99

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