Xiaomi 8H DOF Anti-Formaldehyde Multiform Pouf Arrives On YouPin


Xiaomi Ecological Chain is among the largest ecosystems of products aimed at the home and the person without polluting the environment and it is not uncommon, far from it, to find appliances or furnishings that improve the quality of health. One of the most active brands of this chain is undoubtedly 8H, which produces products aimed at rest, including a smart mattress and the new Xiaomi 8H DOF multiform anti-formaldehyde pouf, which arrives on YouPin at a framed price.

Xiaomi 8H DOF Anti-Formaldehyde Multiform Pouf

In detail, this new pouf comes to Youpin under the brand 8H and is made of high-quality materials such as nylon and spandex. It also has a weight of only 3.7 kilograms facilitating its movement from one place to another.

In order to improve its cleaning, all its coating can be removed so that it can be washed. With this, we manage to maintain optimal hygiene and high cleanliness. To do this, this pouf has several zippers along its entire contour.

Xiaomi 8H DOF Anti-Formaldehyde Multiform Pouf

Beyond this, this new pouf has the peculiarity of being able to adjust in 6 different ways, thus allowing us to adopt the position that best suits us at all times and thus favoring its adaptation to anybody.

Best of all is its internal composition. And it is that thanks to its filling of particles composed of 2-3mm EPP, it is capable of eliminating harmful substances from the air such as formaldehyde. This material itself is capable of decomposing formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water.

The price of this new Xiaomi 8H DOF multiform anti-formaldehyde pouf is just 649 yuan (about $94). At the moment it is only sold in China through Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, although we could see it for sale on AliExpress shortly.

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