Xiaomi 8H Standard Latex Pillow Z1 pillow 8 hours of good sleep Flash sale @ZAPALS (22 Pieces Left)


What can be better than 8 hours of good sleep each night in bed? The Xiaomi 8H Standard Latex Pillow Z1 pillow promises to bring you just that, 8 hours of pure uninterrupted sleep. This pillow has been engineered and tested by 5000 beta testers to make sure the design is just right for an average human like you and me.

It’s made from natural latex material to prevent dust mites from entering the pillow, it’s also said to be natural fitting our head to make our sleep as perfect as it can be.

High purity formula and sophisticated technology, so that Xiaomi 8H Standard Latex Pillow Z1 pillow natural environmental protection, fresh smell, excellent stretch. Natural latex characteristics have been very good performance.

There are many vent holes made to keep ventilation within the pillow to make it breathable, most pillows are stuffed inside, so when water enters the fabric, it will stay inside unless you remove the liquid and moisture inside it.

Environmentally safe material — use of natural latex Antibacterial coating (protection against ticks) — a material that is used in medicine Comfort — a comfortable and natural position of head and neck Rational price — only 1 / 3 of the market price for similar goods.

1. Imports with Malaysia pure natural latex
soft touch and high resilience, buffer human head and neck pressure effectively.

2. Small honeycomb style pores
the waste heat of head and neck can be spilled out, form a natural air conditioning system, promote natural ventilation with double side punching design,
can always maintain a healthy sleep.

3. Pillow case is made of German medical physical anti mite fabric
consisting of super fine denier filament uninterrupted, the protection precision less than 1 microns (mites size is about 300-500 micron ), the pillow cases without any chemical coating treatment, prevent mites, bacteria and other harmful substances through the cloth effectively.

4. Xiaomi 8H Standard Latex Pillow Z1 pillow also supports the rolling process
size of the product after compression only 1/4 for you to carry it easily.

Xiaomi 8H Standard Latex Pillow Z1 pillow available at the flash sale on ZAPALS in just $28.99 only 22 pieces are left and time very short so hurry up and get yours.with the help of our service, you can get the best price, and discount.


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