Xiaomi ACTON 4-Wheel Skateboard: For Just $299.99 With 26% OFF


The Xiaomi ACTON 4-Wheel Skateboard is popularly known for offering reliable and high-quality Android software and smartphones. So we can expect that their ACTON Electric Skateboard was built with the highest quality materials and impressive technology.

The upper part of its body is made with an aeronautical-grade aluminum alloy frame (which is proven to be durable); while for its lower part is made from 7 layers of Canadian maple wood. With this body strength of Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard, it can support a person’s body weight of up to 100 kg.

The Xiaomi ACTON 4-Wheel Skateboard despite being Chinese funded, was actually designed in Silicon Valley and made with components from familiar brands. The board is made from Canadian maple wood along with aircraft-grade aluminium alloy cover underneath. At the wheels is an LG brushless DC motor hub that’s capable of generating speeds up to 22.5km/h and climbs even on a 15% slope gradient.

Safety features include beginner to expert modes, an electromagnetic brake system that stops the skateboard gradually, and a strip of LED lights for added safety at night. Power wise, the skateboard main drive comes from Samsung batteries, 10 of them that can travel up to a 12km range and takes just 90 minutes to charge from 0 – 100%.

In addition, Xiaomi ACTON 4-Wheel Skateboard has a mobile APP from which we can monitor the charging time and battery consumption and it also enables us to keep track of the time the skateboard has been on the road (travel distance). It is compatible with smartphones from Xiaomi and Samsung.

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Xiaomi ACTON 4-Wheel Skateboard is now available on Gearbest For Just at $299.99 On Flash Sale with 26% OFF.


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