Xiaomi Airdog Air Purifier X3(M) Offered for $519.99(delivered by duty free shipping)


The Xiaomi Airdog Air Purifier X3(M) adopts TPA purification technology to purify the air quality level of your room efficiently, Up to 310m³/h particulate CADR for 21㎡-37㎡ application area, no need a replaceable filter, just one-button control to adjust the suitable modes based on your room’s air quality level.

Buy The Xiaomi Airdog Air Purifier X3(M) for $519.99

The Xiaomi Airdog Air Purifier offers highest degree of air purification without losses. The conventional air purifiers pick up pollution with the help of filters, in which dirt gradually accumulates, which can lead to a decrease infiltration rate. The Airdog X3 (M) air purifier uses TPA®, a patented ionizing field technology that combines high-efficiency air purification and the strength of a particular electric field. This cleaner is not afraid of blockages and provides consistently high air purity.

It does not require the purchase and replacement of filters. Ordinary air purifiers require regular replacement of filters to maintain the efficiency of air purification, while the old filters become the spreader of bacteria and the source of an unpleasant odor, and buying new ones can cost a pretty penny. Thanks to the patented TPA® technology, the Airdog X3 (M) cleaner can work efficiently without consumables, saving your air of dirt and your budget from regular expenses for replacement filters. A total of eight packs of cigarettes is enough to reduce the efficiency of a conventional air purifier by 2 times, while the Airdog air purifier loses no more than 0.2% of its performance. 

It is embedded with a special form of an air duct for deep cleaning filter elements are placed on the same vertical axis with the air turbocharger, which increases the speed of air delivery to the ion field, and increases the efficiency of its cleaning. The original bowl-shaped form of the duct twists the clean air and creates a volumetric outflow, quickly penetrating into all corners of the room. The Xiaomi Airdog Air Purifier X3(M) is currently available on Tomtop for $519.99 and would be deluiverd by Duty-Free Shipping

Buy The Xiaomi Airdog Air Purifier X3(M) for $519.99


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