Xiaomi AirPOP Review: Portable PM2.5 Anti-haze Face Masks 2Pcs For Just $6.59 at Geekbuying


Are you now troubled by dust chemicals, smoke, and particles? Do you want to enjoy a free outdoor life? This Xiaomi AirPOP Anti-Haze Mask will provide you healthy breathing to enjoy your life! It can be used for anti-dust, anti-vehicle exhaust, anti-pollen allergy, anti PM2.5, and haze day protection.

Buy Xiaomi AirPOP Portable PM2.5 Anti-haze Face Masks


The protection efficiency of a conventional anti-fog mask is inversely proportional to air permeability, and a mask with a strong protective effect is most uncomfortable. Xiaomi AirPOP is equipped with an anti-smoke mask. Light touch technology is used in conjunction with Light Touch technology. With advanced electrostatic cotton filter capture, 3D stereo ultrasound is used to combine protection and comfort that is very efficient. In an oil and non-oil particle pollution protection, it can maintain good air permeability. Masks can respond to various causes of air pollution.

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Xiaomi AirPOP fit masks use a larger filter area to help increase filtration capacity and filtration speed. The surface area is 1.5 times that of ordinary masks. Can capture small pollutants in the sea, reduce secondary air pollution, and the filter loading time can be as long as 30 hours. Xiaomi AirPOP anti-smog mask has been ergonomically studied to help reduce pressure on the face and ear masks. Soft rubber ear adjustment buckles can adjust the length of the ear strap according to the face shape, jelly texture, and skin-friendly feeling. Masks are like clothes and comfortable. Each layer cuts different harmful substances. A good mask first has a good filter element. The attached Xiaomi AirPOP anti-fog filter element contains 5 high-efficiency filter layer layers. Electrostatic particles and physical barriers are used to filter various particles and protect the layers in medium and heavy fog. Radon and other pollution can still be purified quickly. The entire mask passes the new national standard GB / T 32610-2016 Class B filtration.


Xiaomi AirPOP collects more than 3,000 heads of Chinese data. After repeated research and ergonomic testing. From all angles and every curve, it accurately matches the faces of people. Suitable for cycling, running, biking, hiking, skiing and woodworking, and other activities. You can buy it from Geekbuying at $6.59 with coupon code: KJRWKQVI

Buy Xiaomi AirPOP Portable PM2.5 Anti-haze Face Masks


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