Xiaomi AMAZFIT Antelope Sports Shoes Lasted 3 Hours and 52 Min and Crowdfunding Amount Exceeded $15910


Today on April 12, Xiaomi raises a new product – AMAZFIT Antelope sports Shoes which is produced by Huami Technology. Its official price is 229 yuan ( $47.56) and the crowdfunding price is 199 yuan (equal to $31.65). Besides Huami also announced that the AMAZFIT Antelope sports Shoes lasted 3 hours and 52 minutes and the crowdfunding amount exceeded 1 million yuan (about $15910).

In fact, this is not the first smart sports shoes launched by Huami Technology. Unlike previous leather shoes, this sports Shoes mainly face light outdoor runners, and the user layer is more subdivided. The upper design of AMAZFIT Antelope sports Shoes is inspired by the curve of the flow of modern architecture, the use of hot melt film molding process, not only retains the characteristics of double jacquard weaving fabric, soft fit, but also allows the shoe body to wrap the foot, upgrade Cover transparent waterproof layer, taking into account heat dissipation and outdoor light waterproof.

Its sole design is based on ergonomics and is designed according to the orientation of the bones. Using the innovative material ERC, it effectively absorbs the impact force of the ground and feeds back the energy evenly to the foot. The shock is not released. The outsole adopts total palm abrasion resistant rubber partitioned floor-to-ceiling textures to provide excellent grip performance with strong anti-wear and anti-slip properties.

The biggest feature of this running shoe is that it should be paired with Miji Zhixin 2nd generation, which can record all kinds of sports data in the user’s movement process. AMAZFIT Antelope sports Shoes will be available for Men in Black, Grey and Orange colors in sizes from 39-45 and for the Women, this Antelope sports Shoes are available in black, mint green, and Rose Pink in sizes from 35-40.

When Huang CEO of Huami Technology was interviewed by an news reporter, he said that all the logic of Huami Technology is based on “human body data.” Therefore, no matter what kind of products are introduced, it should not be surprising that this is Huami Technology.

According to the When Huang, the AMAZFIT Antelope sports Shoes is marked with the Asics gel series. For the product’s self-confidence, he also points out that its medical-grade insole is 5 times the cost of an ordinary insole, and can directly target the insole with a price of $100 on the market.

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