Xiaomi AMAZFIT Bluetooth 4.0 Sports SmartWatch Now Incredible Sale On @IbuyGou (Coupon Inside)


Xiaomi AMAZFIT Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Smart Watch support the heart rate monitor and built-in GPS module. Data processing uses GPS-GLONASS binary positioning, can record the real-time trajectory, mileage, elevation data, pace and other movement data. Xiaomi AMAZFIT Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Smart Watch has 3 modes: GPS mode, daily model, pure watches. in GPS mode, the watch can reach 35 hours of battery life, enough to support the whole hundred km run; at daily mode, can receive 200 message delivery for a half hour every day with five days’ battery life.

The Xiaomi AMAZFIT Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Smart Watch for the Huami brand has been equipped with a 28-nanometer bandwidth GPS module for precise position tracking (which is very good for sports) and a heart rate monitor, which is also not the last one. Steps and other moves will not be taken in the 1.2GHz so-called SoC clock with 512 megabytes of RAM and 4 gigabytes of internal storage.uses Corning Gorilla glass material, high-quality Reflective display technology: The dial is always bright without the black screen. Uses reflective display technology, the dial brightness will auto adjust according to the environment, gives you better and more clear eye experience.

The appealing metal housing has a 200-milliampere battery, which has 35 hours when GPS tracking is active, or 11.6 days when it is switched off. The software is not only suitable for activity tracking (it works with the Mi-Fit app for iOS and Android devices), The watch with IP67 protection comes with a 22-millimeter strap.Track your route and distance with built-in GPS. Notifications: Receive notifications for incoming calls, messages, emails and other apps. Heart Rate Monitor: Automatic heart rate monitoring and continuous heart rate tracking during workouts.

Apart from its use for sport, it is also suitable for day-to-day use, always ready to show hours, to notify you of calls and all the applications from which we wish to be notified.Xiaomi AMAZFIT Bluetooth 4.0 Sports SmartWatch is available now on IBuyGou just at $99.99 using Coupon Code: IBGXSBW.


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