Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Chip 2 Separately Released Priced At $7.38


Do you know that how Sneakers Mijia Smart Shoes are smart is because they contain a smart chip that can record data such as walking steps, mileage, and calories. Today, Wal-Mart launched a separate Amazfit Smart chip 2, which is currently on the shelves of Xiaomi, priced at 49 yuan (about $7.38), suitable for Amazif antelope light outdoor running shoes, Mijia sports shoes and Kangnai smart shoes.

This Amazfit Smart chip 2 features a 6-axis sensor (3-axis acceleration + 3 axis angular speed) with a low-power Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Compared with the previous model, the new running mode can accurately calculate and record more professional sports data such as forefoot landing, grounding time and vacancy ratio during running.

Based on these data, users can adjust the movement mode in real time to reduce the physical damage caused by incorrect movement. Besides it have a built-in replaceable button battery, It can be replaced at any time, which extends the life of the smart chip.

This chip is made using IP67 protection technology. This means that it is resistant to water and dust falling on it, and even in heavy rain, when the sneakers are soaked, it will not fail. Durable plastic withstands overloads up to 200Kg.

In order to bind the Amazfit Smart chip 2 to the smartphone, you need to run the application, after which you can shake the chip several times. It is automatically recognized by your smartphone and information about the distance traveled, average speed, calories spent, and tips for athletes will be available in the application.

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