Xiaomi Amazfit Smartband 2 Released: 163 Cities NFC Bus Card, 299 Yuan ($43.63)


Xiaomi Amazfit Smartband 2 built-in NFC chip, support bus, subway card, you can also directly check the bus card balance on the bracelet, it currently supports 163 cities in the country bus card.

More importantly, Xiaomi Amazfit Smartband 2 uses 1.23-inch color IPS LCDen, between the wrist, WeChat, QQ, SMS, and other news at a glance, more weather, alarm clock, Alipay offline payment, and other functions, for work and life Bring convenience and help.

Official introduction, Xiaomi Amazfit Smartband 2 below the glass panel with touch buttons, used to light the screen, the fingertips can be swiped to operate the bracelet. Moreover, it uses a more flexible wristband material, which is dry and unconstrained, and the overall width fits the human wrist to meet the needs of users wearing different scenes around the clock.

Not only that, Xiaomi Amazfit Smartband 2 can be bound to the Xiaomi sports app, supporting the “sports secondary screen”. Simply turn on any of the outdoor, indoor, cycling or walking, and lift your wrist to see all the key data in motion.

AMAZFIT Meter Bracelet 2 also adds the “Exercise” function, which can be used independently without a mobile phone. The data such as exercise time, heart rate and consumption can be raised at any time and anywhere.

At the same time, Xiaomi Amazfit Smartband 2 supports the display of the song name and progress of the mobile phone music player, and can also directly pause, play, cut songs and other operations on the bracelet.

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In addition, Xiaomi Amazfit Smartband 2 still has the usual functions of the previous generation, can display detailed data such as the number of movement steps, exercise heart rate, calorie consumption, and can also record the nighttime sleep time and analyze the quality of sleep.

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