Xiaomi Amazfit T-Rex Review – Military Grade Resistant Smartwatch For Just $139.99 at Gearbest


Huami has introduced a new version of the Amazfit GTR, which is called Amazfit T-Rex. The name is also aptly chosen because if you like it is a rugged version of the Amazfit GTR, which is characterized by a significantly more robust construction with a corresponding outdoor look.

Buy Xiaomi Amazfit T-Rex from Gearbest


The housing is made of stable metal. The same applies to the buttons, which are much larger on the T-Rex than on the GTR. The case is waterproof up to 50 meters and is certified according to 12 military standards. Among other things, the Amazfit T-Rex is heat-resistant up to 70 ° C and cold -40 ° C and survives up to 240 hours in water and 96 hours in an acidic, alkaline or salty atmosphere. In contrast to the Amazfit GTR, the bracelet on the Amazfit T-Rex is made entirely of silicone and does not require a leather application, which would be too fragile in outdoor use. Five different colors are available: Army Green, Camo Green, Gun Gray, Khaki, and Rock Black.

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As with the GTR, the Amazfit T-Rex display is based on AMOLED technology. The panel is round and has a diagonal of 1.3 inches and a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. The touch screen is made of Gorilla Glass 3 and comes with a fat-repellent coating. The range of functions of the T-Rex corresponds to that of the Amazfit GTR. In addition to GPS support, there are various fitness tracking modes, a compass, rudimentary smartwatch functions and the ability to record steps and heart rate. The battery is quite large with 390mAh and is charged with a magnetic puck as usual. Huami promises a battery life of 20 days with typical use, assuming 13 minutes of GPS use, 150 notifications and continuous measurement of the heart rate. Alternatively, there is a rudimentary clock mode, which deactivates most functions and increases the runtime to 66 days. Huami certifies the Amazfit T-Rex to run for 20 hours for continuous GPS operation.


Robustness and reliability are particularly important for outdoor smartwatches. Amazfit T-Rex passed 12 military-grade certifications, ensuring its robustness and resistance to harsh environments. We can buy it from Gearbest at $139.99 in Flash Sale

Buy Xiaomi Amazfit T-Rex from Gearbest


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