Xiaomi Andon VP-M3A Review: Healthcare Stable Nebulization for Adult & Children For Just $59.99 at Geekbuying


The Xiaomi Andon VP-M3A is a high-quality Ultrasonic Nebulizer, it is easy to use. Small and portable, you can take it with you on the road. The 3-5 μm fine mist can penetrate deep into your respiratory system naturally. Helps provide steam therapy for colds, flu, bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions.


Xiaomi Andon VP-M3A Micro Mesh Nebulizer designed with U-shaped groove, limiting the drug accumulated in the cavity, avoiding losing the drug, completely spraying the solution in each attempt. The structure is easy to disassemble and clean by pressing the PUSH button to remove the liquid compartment and handle, cleaning and disinfection to avoid cross-contamination. In each set of products, the manufacturer has equipped 2 masks for adults and children, a PVC mouthpiece to ensure the fit of the face structure and wireless allergy. The machine is guaranteed with CFDA CE certification, meeting all medical standards, so users can safely use it.

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The modern mesh-technology enables excellent portability and silent operation of nebulizers. You can use it both at home at any time, without disturbing others. In the area of only 2 mm, 1600 vent holes were filled with a laser. The liquid is sieved into small particles having a particle diameter of only 3-5 μm by high-frequency vibration. VP-M3A works based on the power from 2 equipped batteries, charging via USB port. Size 46 x 110 x 59.5mm, the 80g volume is extremely compact, fits in the palm. Therefore, you can bring them very convenient when using on cars, trains, airplanes, traveling. Stable at ≥0.2ml per minute to ensure treatment efficiency.


Xiaomi Andon VP-M3A Micro Mesh Nebulizer is suitable for all ages, especially for children and the elderly. Ultra-low noise, very suitable for home and office. You can but it from Geekbuying at $59.99 to use coupon code: MVSMVRZC 


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