Xiaomi Announced the First Batch of Android 13 Developer Previews


Google will hold a developer conference at 1:00 am Beijing time on May 12, and is expected to bring a new Android 13 system. The Xiaomi overseas community announced before the conference that it will bring the Android 13 developer preview plan to Xiaomi Mi 12, Mi 12 Pro, and Mi Pad 5.

Xiaomi officially stated that the Android 13 developer preview program provides users with all the features needed to improve the compatibility and development of the next generation of Android applications. Currently, the Mi 12, Mi 12 Pro, and Mi Pad 5 are available for the Android 13 developer preview program.

However, Xiaomi has not officially released the flashing package, and it seems that it may not be possible to flash it until after the developer conference. The specific process should be very clear to the friends of IT Home. After entering the device into FastBoot mode (press and hold the volume down and power buttons for 4~5 seconds), flash the line flash package through the Xiaomi flashing tool on the PC side, remember to back up the files first.

“An overview of the new features of Android 13, which will be launched at the Google Developers Conference”

We discovered the leaked MIUI 13.5 Logo, and it seems that the next major update of the MIUI system will come sooner than we thought.

The new MIUI 13.5 Logo has been found in the official Xiaomi code, and the new MIUI 13.5 Logo is slightly different from the MIUI 13 Logo. The main difference is that the slash in the number “3” has been removed. When removed, the number “3” looks like both a “3” and a “5”.

Some people think that this change is to represent that MIUI 13.5 is a small update between MIUI 13 and MIUI 14. Others think it’s just a design choice.

The new logo of MIUI 13.5 is more stylish and modern, and the streamlined shape can better represent the user interface of MIUI 13.5.

The number “1” in the new MIUI 13 Logo has been refined and elongated. The number “3” has also been redesigned to resemble “3” and “5”. This stands for MIUI 13.5.

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Also, the colors in the MIUI 13.5 Logo are different from those in MIUI 13. The earlier MIUI 13 Logo had more shades of pink, yellow, and orange, while the newer Logo has a purple and blue color scheme similar to the MIUI 11 Logo. This change may herald the return of stability features with the release of MIUI 13.5.

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