Xiaomi Announced to Start Selling Mi Phone in USA


Earlier before, Xiaomi has purchased a large number of technology patents from Intel and Microsoft so as to improve its own patents, this kind of action can be considered as one of the most important movement that they enter into overseas market.


So when will Xiaomi start to sell its own smartphones in European and American market? About this kind of question, Hugo Barra as Xiaomi international business representative has accepted interview to reply that Xiaomi will sell smartphones in USA soon, as for the exact date, they have no idea.

Hugo Barra has also emphasized that Xiaomi will take the way similar to Chinese mode to sell xiaomi smartphones, namely, they will sell them by online stores and promoting by SNS.

It’s known to all right now the USA market about smartphones is full of fierce competition, especially Samsung and Apple, and Huawei, ZTE and other brands have also entered into this market although enduring much fierce competition. But Hugo Barra claims positively that Xiaomi will win more market share in USA , after all most users like the competitive phone.

In addition, Hugo Barra emphasized that the data of the second quarter by IDC is not accurate, because Xiaomi has sold 7 million smartphones in June. We are also glad to hear Xiaomi will enter USA market.


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