Xiaomi Aqara Smart IP Camera Released: 180° Wide Field Of Vision, Intimate Family Security


This morning, the Xiaomi release the 120th product – Aqara smart IP camera (gateway version), which also has a multi-function gateway and security camera function, intelligent linkage ZigBee equipment multi-dimensional security, And supports 180 ° wide field of view and 1080P HD screen.

Aqara smart IP camera can connect meters home, doors and windows sensors, Aqara wall switches and other ZigBee equipment, home security, and many other automated scenes. When someone in the home breaks or the doors and windows are opened, it will immediately issue an alarm and shoot a 12 seconds small video. Even at night, but also to capture a clear picture to protect the family safety.

Aqara smart IP camera can also go home after the students automatically shoot small video, and push to the parents of mobile phones, parents can communicate with the child through voice intercom. Aqara Smart Camera (Gateway Edition) can also increase the coverage of the home signal to make the system more stable by interacting with the home gateway and air conditioning partner’s sub-devices.

Aqara smart IP camera has a 180-degree ultra wide angle, 1080P HD lens, the base comes with magnets, can be flat on the table, adsorption to the wall or top, to meet the needs of different scenes. It also supports SD card local storage, triggering the alarm 12s short video will be safe to keep in the millet cloud, you can view anytime, anywhere.

Aqara smart IP camera support linkage sleep, sleep timer, App sleeps three sleep mode, do not want to take pictures when they can automatically sleep, protect the privacy of family privacy. It also uses two-way authentication, data transmission encryption, and cloud storage encryption and other triple encryption algorithms to protect the video privacy.

Aqara product slogan is “to do everyone can play smart home”, and this Aqara smart camera is currently the price is also very high price, in order to protect the safety of family property, you can choose to purchase this smart camera for home security Escort.

Aqara smart IP camera (gateway version) manufacturer is Shenzhen Green Rice Joint Technology Co., Ltd., all the price of 169 yuan. At present Aqara smart camera (gateway version) has been in the App product on the line, is expected to begin shipping on November 29. By the way, here is coupon code: GBCE to catch it at $33.04

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