Xiaomi Automatic Folding Umbrella For Just $19.99 at DD4 Store in Flash Sale For Limited Time


The Xiaomi Umbrella can be used during both the wet seasons and also during the warmer seasons. The UVoutex fabric coating of the foldable umbrella has a strong shading degree that will effectively keep you from the harmful UV rays.

The folding umbrella adopts FONEWR umbrella cloth, 210T high density, lightweight but solid, durable for long terms use. Waterproof can keep the rains from penetrating. The umbrella can be used during the rainy season and even in sunny conditions. The automatic foldable design not only makes it easy to open/ close the umbrella with one hand, it makes it easy to transport.

The level of the umbrella cloth’s waterproof performance is up to 5. Shake the umbrella gently after the heavy rain, the rainwater can be moved away easily. It’s waterproof and anti-penetrated more comprehensively. The UVoutex FABRICS coat is qualified with the characteristics such as high dyeing, fastness, high strength and so on. It’s effective to block the harmful ultraviolet rays and do achieve the UV protection with the high degree of shading, superior shielding, and heat insulation.

All you need to do is just press the switch gently. One second to open and close easily. Be free from not just the complicated operation on rainy days, but also the embarrassment of being wet on rainy days. The umbrella bone is made up of aluminum and fiberglass materials, qualified with the amazing materials and being lightweight at the same time. The structure can prevent the umbrella from rebounding in the process of receiving umbrella. It’s safe and practical. In the middle of the umbrella stick, we choose the SPCC41 iron material with strength and toughness.

The Xiaomi umbrella is an automatic foldable umbrella with a protective coat that can keep the rains from penetrating. The main highlight of the umbrella is its automatic foldable design which makes it easy to open and close it automatically. This, in turn, makes it easy to open and close the umbrella with just one hand. The umbrella uses a nylon material that keeps the rain at bay and there is a second coat on top which protects from ultraviolet rays. The umbrella can thus be used during the rainy season and even in sunny conditions.

Xiaomi waterproof automatic foldable umbrella is not something that can be used for a rainy season but also it can be used to stay protected from scorching heat. It is available in DD4 Store with a price of $19.99 in Flash Sale.


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