Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter Review- Perfect Gift For Children


Xiaomi for a while has done a lot of toys and devices that can be used by the children and this one falls into that category. The  Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter is a balanced scooter for kids between the age of  3 to 10 years old. This is a very good gift for your kid as it comes with protecting and features that would make them love it. Waste no time and purchase the device.


The Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter sports a minimalistic design with a compact body with a dimension of  57.00 x 28.00 x 69.00 cm. This dimension creates a platform guarantees the stability of the child. Considering that the scooter is made for kids, it is designed to guarantee the safety of children without detracting from the fun. It has a C-shaped handlebar with an aluminum frame wrapped in soft rubber has been made for a better grip.  With this all this in place, if your kid is on it, you are sure of safety and fun play. It also comes with an anti-slip cover to ensure more security.


Now lets quickly talk about the safety while riding the bike. It has been designed to ensure safety while the kid is riding on it, It comes with a thick front wheel of about 32mmand back wheel of 52mm. It comes with flashlights that give a captivating and sporty look to the children’s vehicle. While the scooter is in motion, the built-in lamp beads emit light through the principle of electromagnetic induction, which can increase the visibility at evening or night

The Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter is embedded with a large rear brake in case the small pilot engages a high speed. It also comes with a dual-spring gravity steering system that can mobilize the child’s ability to coordinate the body’s center of gravity and maintain balance. No matter whether it is left or right, it can automatically return to the middle position. Compared with the non-gravity steering system, it can be reduced. The risk of deviating position and the poor balance of children can also help children maintain balance.


With all said, we believe you’ve seen what the Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter is capable of. It is currently available on Gearbest for $82.99

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