Xiaomi Bluetooth Selfie Stick for MiJia Camera| 360 Degrees Rotation, Support Underwater Shoot| Design, Features, Review


Record the most important moments of your life, easily and quickly, with Xiaomi Bluetooth Selfie Stick for MiJia Camera, The innovative 2 in 1 design combines the convenience of the selfie stick and the tripod (opening 42 cm) for your mobile phone in one stylish and easy to use the device. Its light and small-sized design allow you to hold and carry it wherever you want, in a bag or even in your pocket. This also contributes to the anti-slip aluminum alloy body and the base material, which is ergonomically designed, offering a firm grip for taking pictures and videos.


The aluminum alloy Xiaomi selfie stick can reach the 17 inches in length and is easy to use every operation is done with the simple push of a single button, which can be used to turn on the camera, switch from photo mode to video mode, and of course click at the right time. Rotating at 360 degrees allows you to use the camera with some freedom, both horizontally and vertically. The base of the Selfie Stick for mobile placement is customizable, allowing 360-degree rotation. The result is excellent corner angles, perfect for taking pictures wherever you are, alone or with your company.


The selfie stick offers the convenience of Bluetooth technology (compatible with Android 4.3 and newer or iOS 5.0 and newer) for wireless connection to your smartphone. The remote control capability offered by Bluetooth is reliable and makes it easy for the user to capture the best photos and videos without having to ask someone else’s help. Finally, the rechargeable 60mAh lithium-ion battery is included in the benefits of the device. This extension of this selfie stick comes in six sections so you can choose whatever length that you desire. With the use of a single button, you can switch from video mode to photo mode and vice versa. Pressing the shutter button can turn the camera on. Once the camera is on, you press the shutter to start a photo or video.

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The Xiaomi Bluetooth Selfie Stick for MiJia Camera looks like a very useful accessory. You’ll be able to position the Xiaomi Bluetooth Selfie Stick for MiJia Camera where you want and you’ll be able to press the trigger remotely without having to connect to the app. Xiaomi Bluetooth Selfie Stick for MiJia Camera is now available on Gearbest just at $24.59.


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