Xiaomi Blupeace Smart Massage Mattress Exclusively Launched


Recently, Xiaomi Youpin has exclusively launched a Blupeace Smart Massage Mattress, which uses the rhythmic movement of a flexible airbag and cooperates with temperature control to relax your body and help you fall asleep quickly. The price of the Xiaomi Blupeace Smart Massage Mattress is 999 yuan (around $155), for the 0,9 mx2 m model, 1799 yuan (about $280) for the 1,5 mx2 m model, and 1999 yuan ($310) for the model. 1,8 mx2 m.

The name of the product is Blupeace Smart Sleeping Mattress and it is a mattress that integrates a massage at a rhythmic temperature similar to a wave, so as to wake up more than relaxed than ever and with the body perfectly healed. The product can be used on existing mattresses, directly on tatami mats, or even on the floor of the house.

This smart massage sleep-aid mattress adopts a sponge with an egg-shaped structure with over 2000 support points, which serve to imitate a massage with the fingers to effectively disperse the pressure of the body.

We then have an NTC temperature sensor integrated into the mattress to maintain a constant bed temperature in a comfortable range throughout the night. Its temperature can be set via the Mijia app and zones can control the temperature.

The mattress also supports four modes: sleep aid, morning awakening, relaxation, and legs. With the relaxation mode, it uses the airbags to inflate, simulating the action of twisting and pushing on the waist, releasing the local pressure and allowing the muscles to relax completely. While with the “legs” mode it can raise and lower the calf back and forth, massaging the calf muscles.

Finally, users can set the alarm time in the Mijia app and the Xiaomi Blupeace Smart Massage Mattress will start the wake-up program in time by simulating the stretching of the back, this should serve to make us wake up slowly and optimally.

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