Xiaomi car new Design Leaked: positioning three Box, very long front


On February 20, car blogger @Garage 42 revealed a new set of MI car spy photos.

According to the photos, the car is still in the engineering test stage of heavy camouflage. What can be confirmed is that the car has a three-car shape and lidar, and the layout is the same as the ideal L9, which belongs to the watchtower.

It’s worth noting that the picture of the car has a very long front, longer than the average pure electric car, leading the blogger to speculate that Xiaomi may choose both pure electric and “plug-in hybrid (including range extension)” versions.

Although the interior was revealed together this time, it is of little value as it is an engineering test car. It is assumed that it will also have a large screen to create a technological atmosphere.

As recently as last month, renderings of the so-called MI MS11 leaked online. From the renderings, the Mi is a coupe shape, the front face is closed, the roof is equipped with lidar, and the brake vent under the headlights, indicating that the car’s sports performance may not be weak.

With hidden door handles and no new electronic rearview mirrors, the roof will be a one-piece canopy, perhaps bezel-less doors, and the hub will be petal-shaped, with a clear display in the center of the hub. The MI car will use Xiaomi’s “Mi” logo, which was updated in March 2021.

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In response to this matter, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations Department of Xiaomi Group, said that it was indeed the confidential design document of the second-level supplier that was leaked, but the supplier was only the supplier who made mold samples, and the leaked document was the design draft of the very early bidding process, not the final document. The supplier who caused the leak was fined 1 million yuan, and the parties involved were dealt with seriously.


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