Xiaomi CIGA Design Quartz Analog Wrist Watch with Three Gear For Just $79.99 at TOMTOP with Coupon


Every man dreams of having at least one really elegant watch which can express their personality and here is a splendid opportunity to make that dream come true. Today we present the new banner of the Chinese firm in the world of dress watches, being the new model of the Xiaomi CIGA Design saga. The Xiaomi CIGA Design with Three Gear is a circular Quartz Analog Wristwatch, which shows date, day, and time functions is a great gift for your friend, husband, or son.

The quality of the product is impressive, its materials are of the highest quality that can exist, all this is devised by Michael Young, a famous British designer, who operates in different areas such as furniture, compliments, and accessories.

In its mechanics we can see at first sight date, day, and time functions, adding color and harmony to the design. This fantastic watch is available in 2 colors, black, and silver, both options are optimal to provide formality and presence to the user’s clothing.

The skeleton of the Xiaomi CIGA is made of a high-durability 316L steel + Mineral glass, reflecting sophistication, sobriety, and resistance. The watch’s crystal is made of 9mm thick sapphire and has a hardness of 9 degrees Mohs. Being almost as hard as a diamond, for that reason the glass is durable, resistant to scratches and falls. Therefore, this has become the main material used to create such a neat and refined accessory.

This watch adopts a holistic design approach, which means a new interpretation of a classic masterpiece. The attractive sensory details, such as a visible movement and a tactile crown, will be the delight of the user, while the curved face provides softness to the appearance.

The Xiaomi CIGA Design with Three Gear watch comes in two different color options, black, and silver. Both colors look extremely nice and give an elegant look. Choosing between colors depends totally on the user’s choice since we can not judge the look and style of this watch, as both colors are equally recommendable. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $79.99 by using Coupon Code: HYYXXW


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