Xiaomi CIRCLE JOY Wine Bottle Opener Review: A Charging Automatic Electric Bottle Opener


The Xiaomi CIRCLE JOY Wine Bottle Opener is a practical, elegant and incredibly convenient device with which you can uncork a bottle of wine in just a few seconds. Without making any special effort. It is equipped with a small engine and is capable of opening up to 120 bottles on a single charge. Therefore, it is useful not only at home in the kitchen but also in a bar, restaurant, hotel.

Xiaomi CIRCLE JOY Wine Bottle Opener Offered For Just $19.99


Xiaomi CIRCLE JOY Wine Bottle Opener is the most convenient way to uncap a bottle of wine at dinner, as well as a great helper during large-scale feasts and parties, without effort and unnecessary movements. A small but strong motor inside this electric corkscrew copes with getting a cork in a matter of seconds. The device is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are enough to open 120 bottles. If you open three bottles of wine every week, then their charge will last for a year, and if one a week, then for 2 years.


To open a bottle of wine with the help of Xiaomi CIRCLE JOY Wine Bottle Opener you just need to press just a couple of buttons. Place the device on the bottle, lower the spiral of the corkscrew into the cork by pressing the “Down” key, and pull it out using the “Up” button. Everything is elementary simple. After that, in the same way, you can easily remove the plug from the device by lowering the spiral and lifting it, holding the plug with your fingers. It comes in an Ultra-sensitive pressure-sensitive design that eliminates the need for buttons. Lightly press the bottle opener, it will automatically open the bottle, automatically retreat, very easy and fast. It uses a 16,000 rpm high-speed precision silent motor with strong torque and can be easily opened in just a few seconds. It features an exquisite power indicator light, you can control the use of the energy tank at any time, and charge in time. Open the bottle, retract the tips, you can make the operation clear

The Xiaomi CIRCLE JOY Wine Bottle Opener case is made of 304 stainless steel, which not only adds solidity to its appearance, but is also strong, durable, and resistant to external damage. The lower part of the corkscrew is made of transparent plastic, which allows you to better control the process of uncorking the bottle. And thanks to the removable parts, the device can be easily disassembled and cleaned. It uses Uses a hidden reset button to activate the chip through the human body. It only needs to hold the bottle opener, and the fingertip can touch the top cover for 5 seconds to realize the motor reverse reset, which easily solves the fault caused by the operation error.  The Xiaomi CIRCLE JOY Wine Bottle Opener is currently available on Banggood for $19.99 and this price would last for just 31 pieces. So don’t miss out.

Xiaomi CIRCLE JOY Wine Bottle Opener Offered For Just $19.99

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