Xiaomi Civi 1S Review: Most Beautiful and Powerful Smartphone


The new Xiaomi Civi series inherits the mantle of the Xiaomi CC series. In addition to adhering to the original trendy appearance and the positioning of the super selfies, the design, performance, screen, charging and other aspects have been comprehensively enhanced.

If you are used to seeing all kinds of bucket machines, then Xiaomi Civi will bring you a refreshing feeling, because it is a thin and light steel gun. Yes, Xiaomi Civi is extremely thin and light, which can almost refresh your perception of the shape and feel of Xiaomi mobile phones.

With a thickness of 6.98mm and a weight of only 166g, it has a light and smooth feel in the hand, which makes people imagine that if the mobile phone also has a supermodel, then its body must be like the Xiaomi Civi. The most beautiful Xiaomi mobile phone is none other than it.

After half a year, the most beautiful mobile phone ushered in its successor.

Xiaomi Mi Civi 1S integrates three major upgrades, a new selfie beauty algorithm, a new color matching process for the back cover, and a new performance upgrade chip.

Although it is still the familiar 32-megapixel high-quality front-facing camera, this time, the self-timer algorithm of Xiaomi Civi 1S has been fully upgraded, not only for skin beauty but also for makeup.

The all-things focusing system that the Mi 12 series is proud of has also been introduced into the Mi Civi 1S.

On the back cover, a new “Miracle Sunshine” color scheme was introduced. It is not only the white theme that is rare at the moment but also has two processes of pure white gradient flashing diamond and colorful light and shadow electroplating. Under the light, not only the stars shine but also the rainbow light. The ceiling is absolutely like this.

Finally, the chip is also upgraded from Snapdragon 778G to Snapdragon 778G+, which is still TSMC’s 6nm process, and the frequency of CPU and GPU is further increased.

It is a god U in itself, with good performance and an excellent energy efficiency ratio. A higher frequency can provide stable high-frame game performance, and lower power consumption can also improve battery life and reduce heat in daily use.

In addition, the comprehensive configuration of Xiaomi Civi is also preserved on Xiaomi Civi 1S. 6.98mm/166g supermodel body, 120Hz high refresh rate AMOLED screen with ultra-narrow chin, 4500mAh large battery, 55W super fast charge, and infrared remote control a lot.

Next, let’s take a look at how this successor to the most beautiful Xiaomi mobile phone, which integrates three major upgrades, performs.

Design & Appearance

In terms of appearance, the Xiaomi Civi 1S has not changed much from the Xiaomi Mi Civi. It is still a full screen with the narrowest chin in the entire Xiaomi series, mainly adding a new color matching of “Miracle Sunshine”.

The micro-curved full screen adopts a central punch-hole design. Under the blessing of the narrowest chin in Xiaomi’s history, the screen ratio is extremely high from the front, even comparable to the flagship.

The earpiece adopts a micro-slit process, which is almost integrated with the junction of the frame and the screen. There are hardly any openings visible from the front, which further improves the integrity of the front.

The back is the highlight of the Xiaomi Civi 1S. There are very few white mobile phones today, and Xiaomi Civi 1S not only launched a white color scheme but also used a unique texture process to process.

With a layer of pure white gradient flashing diamonds and a layer of colorful light and shadow plating, the mobile phone will not only have a star-like luster under the light but also show a rainbow-like colorful light. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a beautiful ceiling.

The rear camera still adopts the configuration of the previous generation. The rear camera module of the stepped gimbal adds a sense of design. A 64-megapixel main camera plus macro and ultra-wide angle can meet the shooting needs in more scenes. The keys are the regular power and volume keys, both set on the right.

In terms of interfaces, there are a lot of Type-C, microphone openings, and infrared lights. It should be noted that the Xiaomi Civi 1S supports a dual-speaker stereo, a single-speaker opening on the top, and a Dolby Vision certification next to it.

In terms of accessories, the mobile phone adopts environmentally friendly packaging and does not come with a charger. It only provides accessories such as a protective case, a Type-C-3.5mm adapter cable, and a card pin. For the convenience of testing, we also prepared an additional Xiaomi 55W GaN charging kit.


As a fashionable mobile phone for young people, the biggest selling point of the Xiaomi Civi 1S is its selfie effect. Xiaomi has prepared an exclusive native skin beauty portrait 2.0 algorithm for Xiaomi Civi, which can use the GAN algorithm to generate an adversarial network, allowing artificial intelligence to learn from the skin retouching cases of 10,000 female college students, and then use the data of these 10,000 retouchers. To beautify the skin and pick the best solution from it.

The result of this is that it is natural to beautify the skin while retaining the details of the skin, to be “real and beautiful”.

And this time, the algorithm of Xiaomi Civi 1S has been upgraded to 4D light chasing and beauty technology, which can not only beautify the skin but also apply makeup for you when taking pictures.

By recognizing up to 56,000+ faces and 29,000+ points on the face, high-precision face modeling can be achieved to ensure real-time follow-up and fit between makeup and faces.

There are many makeup details, and even delicate makeup such as eyelashes and lip gloss can be completed, which is enough to achieve a fake makeup effect.

Xiaomi Civi 1S is also adapted to the natural beauty of boys, which can automatically identify the user’s gender and trigger it. While meeting the needs of more user groups, girls and boys will not be embarrassed by the same beautiful effect when taking photos with them.

Unlike female beauty, male beauty pays more attention to contour and three-dimensionality, while retaining details such as beards and eyebrows, and the beauty effect and strength are automatically adjusted to suit gender characteristics so that you no longer have to take pictures for your friends.

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 12’s ability to track everything has also been added to the Mi Civi 1S, which can automatically achieve human eye tracking during selfies, ensuring clear images and not missing every moment of the shot.   In terms of imaging, Xiaomi Civi 1S still uses a 64-megapixel GW3 main camera. This CMOS has a size of 1/1.97 inches, supports pixel four-in-one technology, and also uses a 6P lens blessing. Although it is not as good as the flagship, it is one of the best among mid-range phones.

When taking photos during the day, the main camera resolution of the Xiaomi Civi 1S is extremely high, and the green plants and buildings in the distance are very clear. Colors are also very vivid, and the imaging style has high contrast.

Thanks to the higher pixels, the image quality of the main camera are still very high after 2x digital zoom. If you don’t zoom in and look closely, you can’t see the smearing feeling at all. The overall picture is very pure, and the colors are still bright and vivid.

The main camera supports night scene mode. Similar to the daytime experience, the imaging resolution is very high, and even photos after 2x digital zoom are still available.

The night scene of the Xiaomi Civi 1S is pure and the colors are very bright. However, due to the disadvantage of high pixel and small size in latitude, there will inevitably be a certain amount of highlight overexposure when taking pictures at night, forming a relatively unique night scene style.

The Xiaomi Civi 1S also has an ultra-wide-angle lens with a large viewing angle of 120°, but only 8 million pixels, so it must be inferior in terms of resolution and cannot withstand magnification, but it is enough to record large scenes.

In addition, Xiaomi Civi 1S also has a macro lens with 2 Megapixels, which can meet your needs for close-up photography of flowers and plants. The high-pixel and high-quality main camera, coupled with acceptable ultra-wide-angle and macro lenses, can be considered to have a certain ability to take pictures of all scenes, which is sufficient for daily outings.


The processor of Xiaomi Civi 1S has been upgraded to Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+. Compared with the previous Snapdragon 778G, the main frequency of the CPU core and GPU has been further improved, and the experience of daily use of applications and games is smoother.

We directly experience the performance of the Snapdragon 778G+ from the actual game.

The first is the most popular Moba mobile game “Honor of Kings”. In the highest picture quality + high frame rate mode, the average frame rate is 89.65 FPS, and the highest temperature of the back cover of the mobile phone is only 37.5 ℃.

Another popular mobile game, “League of Legends Mobile Game Edition”, turns on the highest picture quality and 60-frame mode under custom settings, with an average frame rate of 59.84 FPS and a maximum back cover temperature of 37.3°C.

“Peace Elite” opens the 60-frame mode under smooth picture quality, with an average frame rate of 59.29 FPS. Under this picture quality, the load of the mobile phone is not high, so the temperature of the back cover is also very low, only 34.8 ℃, which can hardly be felt during the game. fever.

Don’t always feel that the performance of the mobile phone is not enough. In fact, in addition to the performance killers such as “Yuan Shen”, the Snapdragon 7 series chip is enough to meet your daily use and the needs of playing mainstream mobile games.

The Snapdragon 778G+ allows you to stabilize high frames in the game, and at the same time control the heat to a low level. For this kind of thin and light machine, it can be said to be the most suitable choice.


The fast charge of Xiaomi Civi 1S is still 55W, which starts from 2% and takes 40 minutes to fully charge.

In terms of battery life, at 50% brightness, using the battery dog ​​to continuously run 3D games, videos, web browsing, and other test scenarios, it takes 6 hours and 53 minutes to consume 80% of the power, and the battery life is between 8 and 9 hours when fully charged.

The Xiaomi Civi 1S packs a large 4500mAh battery into the 6.98mm body, which is quite good for such a thin and light phone.

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If you choose a mobile phone with thinness and lightness as the first requirement, then Xiaomi Civi is a well-deserved thin and light, King Kong.

Yes, although the reduction in thickness and weight will inevitably sacrifice some configurations, Xiaomi Civi has indeed achieved the most balanced configuration under the supermodel body.

4500mAh large battery, 55W fast charge, 120Hz high-quality AMOLED screen, excellent camera, and beauty algorithms, and a lot of fashionable designs. Compared with other thin and light models, the configuration of Xiaomi Civi 1S is far ahead, even better than that of other models. Some so-called bucket machines are even better.

Compared with last year’s Xiaomi Civi, the biggest improvement of today’s Xiaomi Civi 1S is mainly in three aspects, a more powerful selfie beauty algorithm, a better-looking miracle sunshine color matching, and the latest Snapdragon 778G+ chip. The phone looks better, the selfie is more beautiful, and the performance has also been slightly improved.

Of the experience of the three, the most impressive is the new generation of 4D light chasing and beauty technology. The previous generation of Xiaomi Civi achieved the “real beauty” that can preserve the details of the skin, and this generation has achieved the effect of beautifying the makeup with fake and real, with a more powerful focusing system for everything, and the front double soft light. The most luxurious selfie combination.

Miracle Sunshine’s color matching, as one of the few white-themed phones, as well as the cool light effect under the blessing of multi-layer coating, the appearance can be loved by young people.

The Snapdragon 778G+ is also high-energy and cool, high frame rate games can run smoothly, and it can also be used to ensure that the low temperature is not hot.

Finally, I would like to mention the supermodel figure of the Xiaomi Civi 1S again. With a thickness of 6.98mm and a weight of 166g, as well as the fit feel created by the front and rear hyperboloids, the Xiaomi Civi 1S will be thinner and lighter than the parameters.

And its pricing starts at 2,299 yuan, which is 300 yuan cheaper than the starting price of the previous version. It can be said that it has truly increased the volume without increasing the price.

If you have the opportunity, you must go to the physical store to try it. I believe this thin and light King Kong with a higher appearance and stronger selfies will make you fall in love with it.

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