Xiaomi Crowdfunding Momoda eye massager Released: Eyeball Pressureless Design


On May 9th, the 337th product of Xiaomi Crowdfunding was announced. It is the Momo eye massager, air pressure kneading, multi-frequency vibration massage, let the eye experience a sense of zero pressure relaxation. 15 minutes to relieve fatigue, crowdfunding price of 299 yuan ($43.84).

Momo eye massager pressure squeezes the human hand squeeze kneading, vibration massage, with graphene hot compress, can quickly relieve eye fatigue. Intimate 3D groove design, fabric protein skin material, lighter and more comfortable to wear. Charging wireless battery life, the main unit can be folded, built-in soothing music.

6 intelligent circulation type alternate airbags, covering the temples, clearing the ear points, silk bamboo holes, fully wrapped 60Kpa aerodynamic squeeze kneading, effectively relieve visual fatigue.

Built-in vibration double engine, vibrations up to 160+ times per second, intermittent vibration massage technique, continuous vibration and pressure on the eyes of 11 points, stimulate the eye meridians, let the eye muscles move, let the eyes rejuvenate.

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It adopts graphene safety heating material, 40 °C, such as hot towel, constant temperature hot compress experience, warm and not hot skin. After the hot compress function is turned on, the eyes can gradually feel the warmth in 5 seconds. Compared with the traditional eye massager, it increases the hot area by more than 60%, accelerates the blood circulation of the eye more comprehensively, and relieves the soreness and swelling of the eyes more effectively.


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