Xiaomi Crowdfunding On The Fingerprint U-lock: 0.5 Seconds To Unlock, 14 Tons Of Hydraulic Shear


On April 9th, Xiaomi crowdfunded put on an AreoX intelligent fingerprint U-lock, which supports biometric fingerprint recognition, quick unlocking in 0.5 seconds, crowdfunding price of 199 yuan ($29.63) (short section, 22.48cm), 219 yuan (long section, 30cm) It is expected to start shipping on May 23.

Areox smart fingerprint U-lock uses the fingerprint unlocking technology in the field of travel. Say goodbye to the key with the key, and gently press the finger. It takes only 0.5 seconds to unlock one step, and the false recognition rate is 0.001% lower.

Everyone’s body has a unique biological characteristic with a uniqueness that cannot be replicated. The Areox U-type lock uses advanced semiconductor biometric fingerprint recognition technology to generate recognition responses only for live fingerprints and reject false fingerprints, greatly improving the safety and accuracy of U-locks.

The AreoXU lock beam is made of stainless steel with high strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance. It can withstand 14 tons of hydraulic shears to prevent hacking and electric drill damage. The AreoX design team gives the AreoX U-lock steel beam a unique function of “two-way locking”. When unlocking, the two ends of the lock beam are snapped and unlocked to open, effectively preventing violent shackles.

The Areox U-type lock uses a high-security B-class lock cylinder to effectively prevent the technology from opening; the lock body is solid metal to prevent violent fall and smash.

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The Xiaomi AreoXU lock beam is made of the finest PVC wrap, which has a smooth touch and is delicate and durable. The official said that its protection level reaches IP65, which can completely prevent dust from entering and infiltrating the low-pressure water column from any direction, effectively extending the service life of the U-lock.

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