Xiaomi Crowdfunding On the Jiu’an Smart Blood Pressure Monitor: 5.2-inch Large Screen/One-Button Measurement


On May 14th, this morning, Jiu’an Smart Blood Pressure Monitor was put on the Xiaomi crowdfunding, the main top three doctors online consultation, WI-FI easy connection, 5.2-inch large screen, crowdfunding price of 199 yuan ($28.90).

Jiu’an intelligent sphygmomanometer adopts independent research and development of sphygmomanometer chip measurement algorithm, accurate measurement, through the American AAMI SP-10 standard, European EN 1060-4 accuracy measurement standard, and the world mainstream sphygmomanometer evaluation standard ESH-2010 standard.

Traditional sphygmomanometers only support data fluctuation detection and cannot meet the rapid needs of post-test diagnosis. Jiu’an intelligent sphygmomanometer, one-button measurement, linkage of the top three doctors online consultation, measurement data automatically uploaded, easy to experience the simple measurement of blood pressure without leaving the house, the new way of health management after the test.

It is equipped with a 5.2-inch LED LCD screen and a full acrylic lens. It is as large as a mobile phone screen. It can clearly read blood pressure values, grades and pulse rates. Parents can understand and see clearly. Dual user independent measurement, easy to solve with a single button. Automatic pressure, automatic measurement, compared to the traditional sphygmomanometer cumbersome button settings. You can easily get started without learning.

With a Wi-Fi connection setup, you can access the Mijia App, Aijiakang App, and WeChat platform. Quickly realize the subsequent measurement data automatically uploaded to the mobile phone, so that you can view the blood pressure measurement data at any time.

Built-in independent Wi-Fi module for measuring data remote WeChat push. Even if you are not around, every measurement of your parents or partner can be sent to your mobile phone for the first time. According to the measurement information, you can help your family to consult a doctor online and keep abreast of your family’s health.

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The 2200mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery is provided, eliminating the need to repeatedly replace the battery operation and cost, and can be continuously measured 150 times in one full charge. The 60s automatically shuts down.

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