Xiaomi Mi E55A TV Review: Bring an Excellent Experience For $377.85


At the end of April, Xiaomi brought a 55 inches full-screen Xiaomi Mi E55A TV, which is dominated by ultra-high screen and more than 2,000 pieces. It is quite competitive in the current TV market. Now, Xiaolei (WeChat: leitech) has already got this product, so let’s take a look at it now.

Design & Appearance

The full screen is a popular and popular design on mobile phones, this time Xiaomi used this concept on this TV. The screen of the Xiaomi TV E55A has reached an astonishing 97.4%, and it looks very visual impact at first glance.

According to the official, the screen of the Xiaomi TV E55A adopts a full-fit design and adopts anti-bending technology, which can make the thickness of the TV thin and the border extremely narrow. The weight of this TV bare metal plus base is 12.8kg, and Xiao Lei tried it. It is not too difficult to pick up one person’s hands.

The Xiaomi Mi E55A TV has a very rich interface with three HDMI, one AV, one analog signal DTMB, two USB, one network cable interface, and one S/PDIF. These interfaces are fully equipped for most people’s daily use needs, and they are distributed on the back of the LED, usually not noticed by users. Its speaker and power button are placed on the bottom of the TV screen to avoid the appearance.

Of course, it is a little regrettable that its back shell and frame are made of plastic, and the texture is slightly inferior to that of metal. However, at the price of 2000 yuan, this is really not a shortcoming, and there will be no experience impact on watching TV.


The Xiaomi Mi E55A TV has equipped with a 4K resolution, which is very suitable for watching videos. Its screen quality is also very good, we tried to put a few movies, the color performance is more satisfactory.

In terms of hardware, its CPU is a quad-core A53 architecture with a maximum clock speed of 1.5GHz; the GPU is a Mali-450 with a clock speed of 750MHz, and the memory flash memory combination is 2+8GB. On the mobile phone, this configuration is naturally not enough to watch, but on TV, the main task is video decoding and playback, basically no pressure.

Xiaomi Mi E55A TV supports H.264, Real, MPEG1/2/4 and another video decoding, audio supports DOLBY AUDIO, DTS-HD, whether it is online resources or local video files found by yourself, basically can be played directly and smoothly. The custom system in Xiaomi TV has always been a highlight of it. During the course of several days of use, it can really feel its intention in some details.

For daily operation, we can use the Bluetooth voice remote control that comes with the Xiaomi Mi E55A TV. In addition, you can also download a Xiaomi Mi screen projector on your mobile phone for remote control. It can be used directly as a remote control as long as it is on a LAN. In addition to the functions of the physical remote control, it can also display the playback progress bar on the TV in real time, and can manually jump to the playback progress.

Wireless Projection

Xiaomi Mi E55A TV supports wireless projection function, they tested it with several mobile phones. The first is the iPhone. After the mobile phone and the TV are on the same LAN, you can find the Xiaomi TV by turning on the screen mirroring function. After clicking the connection, the content on the mobile phone will be immediately projected onto the TV. Then, we tried the Xiaomi mobile phone, and the process was very smooth. The images of operation and video playback can be smoothly projected.

Very early, Xiaomi TV joined the assistant Xiaoai classmates to achieve more intelligent functions and more convenient operation. In terms of specific use, it is basically the same as the mobile phone and the small love classmates on the speaker. After calling out, it can be used to ask the weather, set the alarm clock, play the video, and so on. Overall, the experience is quite good,

However, in terms of intelligence, the little love classmates on Xiaomi TV still have some shortcomings. For example, when a voice command requires an image quality adjustment, the system will adjust the brightness; when the brightness is required, the system will understand to look for a movie; if a certain movie is required and there is a source, the system will play the trailer. In the understanding of the user’s semantics, the small love students on TV still have room for improvement.

Child mode

Unlike mobile phones, TV is often a home product rather than a personal product. For many families, smart TVs also need to consider the needs of children. The children’s model on this TV largely solves this problem.

The children’s mode of entering and leaving the Xiaomi TV needs to input the set four-digit password. The UI interface in the child mode has been greatly adjusted, which looks more cartoon and more gentle. More importantly, the video content in the children’s mode has also been greatly adjusted. The resources that are not suitable for children will be filtered, and the cartoons and learning materials that children like are given priority.

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It is not difficult to buy a Xiaomi Mi E55A TV at the price of 2599 yuan ($377.85), but there is not much balance in all aspects like the Xiaomi Mi E55A TV. After a few days of use, we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of this product, and provide a little reference for those who are interested in starting.

Advantages: High-screen ratio design brings excellent appearance value, the al effect is shocking; UI design is excellent, daily operation experience is excellent; price has certain advantages, and ecological chain coverage is comprehensive. Disadvantages: Smart assistants have room for improvement and storage capacity is slightly smaller.

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