Xiaomi Crowdfunding RUIMI Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner: Lightweight, Easy-To-Use For Only $238.50


As early as January of this year, ROIDMI, one of the important members of Xiaomi’s ecological chain, demonstrated its handheld wireless vacuum cleaner products at the CES Electronics Show in the US. The product on the first day Mi festival, officially unveiled Mi Home goods store there, crowdfunding price of 1499 yuan (about $238.50). Now that orders have been placed, shipments are expected to begin on May 15.

As the first product of Xiaomi’s ecological chain enterprise involved in the field of vacuum cleaners, Ruimi has won two international awards: the German iF Design Award in 2018 and the German Red Dot Design Award in 2018. Like other Xiaomi ecological chain products, the Ruimi F8 has a pure white and simple design appearance and is more harmonious with various home styles than other products on the market.

Technically, the brushless digital DC motor with a rotation speed of 100,000 rpm has a power of 415W and an effective suction power of 115W. The design of the air duct adopts a multi-level cyclone duct structure. When the gear is enhanced, the high-speed rotating air volume of the motor reaches 1100 liters per minute, and it can produce up to 18,500 Pa of centrifugal air. Multiple noise reduction optimization designs can control the noise below 75dB(A).

With a four-filter system, followed by a metal mesh – dust separation – HEPA filter – polymer sponge, can effectively adsorb as small as PM0.3 fine particles, to achieve 99% purification rate. According to the publicity at CES, the filter cartridges can be washed and need to be replaced regularly (cumulatively for 30 hours) to ensure effectiveness. Lifetime, the use of 8 2500mAh 18650 lithium battery, in the standard mode can run 55 minutes, in the enhanced file can run for 10 minutes. The power adapter uses a wide voltage and can be used worldwide. The rated voltage is 29.6V and the charging time is 2.5 hours.

The suction head configuration is equipped with a soft fleece roller brush, suitable for cleaning hard floors such as floor tiles and wooden floors; a multi-functional brush is suitable for cleaning sofas, windowsills, and other countertops, and the brush is removed for flat suction, suitable for cleaning doors and windows, stairs, corners, sofa gaps and other narrow positions; optional brush head including extension hose, electric brush removal, carbon fiber roller brush, filter. The electric brush can effectively remove maggots, bacteria, hair, dander, etc. The carbon fiber roller brush adopts two kinds of nylon and nylon brush strips and rubber brush strip composite design. It is suitable for cleaning long hair carpets.

Appearance, the use of large handle design, can be pushed; 1.5kg host, lightweight design, reduce the weight of female users. On the fuselage there is gear switch button, switch button, with power display and dust full instructions. The modular design of the fuselage allows easy assembly and disassembly. Split dust cup design, double opening design, easy to remove the internal structure cleaning and washing. Innovative magnetic adsorption can meet the needs of charging and storage.

In terms of Xiaomi RUIMI Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner details, it’s remarkable. The floor brush can be rotated flexibly at multiple angles, penetrate into narrow spaces, and avoid blind spots. In addition, the floor brush is also equipped with LED light sensor lights. Under the action of the light sensor, it can be automatically illuminated in dark corners such as sofas and bed bottoms. In the design of the suction head, large brush + comb teeth design can effectively reduce the nasty hair winding. With an intelligent system, after the Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone, open the APP to be able to view the host power, cleaning time, dust full reminder and filter replacement and other empty.

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