Xiaomi CXB6 Power Strip 6 in Just $17.99 @Gearvita Flash sale (coupon deal)


The extension is always in every house and often not one, but not all of them suit. Constantly faced with their shortcomings, Xiaomi began to reflect on how to improve them. For comfortable use, an extension cable Xiaomi CXB6 Power Strip 6 USB ports was simulated, as the number of gadgets in everyday life increases and there is a problem with their recharging. In addition, in order to Xiaomi Mi Power Strip corresponded to the appearance of other accessories for the house, Xiaomi carefully studied the design.

All extender parts are made of high-quality materials. The required area, in comparison with standard extension cables. Simple, elegant, compact – all this is done not only so that you can quietly hide under the table, but also in order to use as a desktop accessory. Improving the appearance of the extension cord certainly cannot “turn the world upside down,” but it can greatly facilitate your life. Only high-quality is used for contacts, as the most correct and suitable material. Elasticity, electrical conductivity, resistance to erasure feature of the materials used. High-quality fireproof plastic housing.

The Xiaomi CXB6 Power Strip 6 is the Original Xiaomi charging power strip for daily use. it comes with  Compact design, save your space. the 6 outlets and 3 USB ports to meet your different needs. the more features it used the  LED indicator: hidden lights, with downy light at night, easy to notice. you can just simply setup and use this Xiaomi CXB6 Power Strip.Xiaomi CXB6 Power Strip 6 is a clever extension cable that is equipped with three sockets and three USB ports. Conveniently, the sockets are designed in such a way that you can insert the plugs and charge. Each of the six USB ports can provide a current of good output, while the current distribution depends on the connected load. For security meets the triple system of protection against overload.

To the sides of a thorough polishing technique used to m³ Power Strip successfully combined with the surrounding style. This extender is not only very easy to use but also can become a mini decoration for your desktop. When exceeding the norm electric load, immediately there is a risk of a short circuit or fire. Joemex created for us an overload protection device, which in the case of a threat, the power turns off, thereby preventing timely unexpected fire or short circuit.  Xiaomi CXB6 Power Strip 6 is the best for you can carry anywhere where you want to plug and play with your smartphone and other gadgets. it is easily available at Gearvita at $17.99. for more discount use the coupon code: MISALE10.


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