Xiaomi DCL01CM Precise Control Induction Cooker Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Xiaomi ecosystem is always diversified and filled with quality products. This is not the first time Xiaomi has introduced cooking utensils, but the Kitchen from Xiaomi DCL01CM Precise Control Induction Cooker is also a worthy product. Using smart technology today, the product will be a “chef” effectively supporting the housewife create delicious dishes, attractive.


The Mijia Induction Cooker is a circular disc with a diameter of 265mm and a thickness of 70mm. The medium size makes the cooker not too cumbersome but can meet the needs of the cook. The exterior of the Cooker from Mijia Induction Cooker is simple and does not have too much detail, the black contact surface is the same color as the knob, white ABS plastic is easy to clean when stuck.

The cooker from Mijia Induction Cooker is designed to help prevent slippery pot effect. A silicone ring is mounted on the edge of the kitchen surface to create friction and help the pan to be better fixed. The cooker from Mijia Induction Cooker is equipped with microcrystalline water separator technology, which prevents water from penetrating inside the coil to avoid electric leakage, ensuring absolute safety.

Beneath the bottom of the stove is a gas-cooled air duct, along with 35 adjustable mini fan blades to exchange air with the outside, and keep the stove from overheating, helping to maintain the product’s lifespan. always good. The four rubber feet of the kitchen are sturdy, supporting standing on many different planes.


The Mijia Induction Cooker uses 220V to generate heat. Equal amounts of energy at every point on the surface of the stove, which helps to fry and fried frying is not rancid or color unevenness. Your food will look delicious and attractive. The performance of the stove has been shown to have a double heat capacity that keeps the amount of heat generated by the cooker moderately stable at 400W. Especially, low-temperature cooking is also enjoyed by food specialists and chefs, because of the structure of the nutrients, the beneficial ingredients of the food will not break the heat, giving you adequate nutrition.

The probe is placed underneath the surface, the middle part of the surface of the Cooker from the Mijia Induction Cooker has a protruding probe. The probe will come in direct contact with the bottom of the pot to allow for the most accurate measurement of heat. With intelligent technology that controls the amount of heat that automatically adjusts the appropriate heat output.

The cooker from Mijia Induction Cooker has two methods to regulate the amount of heat when cooking, you can use the temperature control knob close to the traditional gas stove. Or you can also directly select the temperature level available for certain dishes displayed on the phone screen when connected through App. With built-in recipes, cooking is simpler and more intuitive than ever. Cooking now is just a small thing and you can try to find a way to try different ways.


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