Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner TJ200 Review (EU Warehouse, Free Shipping)


Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner TJ200 Wet and Dry Multifunctional Bucket Vacuum Cleaner Household Floor Cleaner Dust Collector with Floor Brush 18000Pa Strong Suction 1200W 6L Capacity 220V.


The handle of the Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner TJ200 is particularly extendable for more noteworthy holding solace. The state of its twist was formed considering the anatomical highlights of the human hand so that much after delayed use, the wrist doesn’t get drained.

Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner TJ200

To immovably stick to the texture, ticks utilize exceptional snares at the finishes of the legs. Along these lines, in the Deerma vacuum cleaner, an extraordinary instrument makes beats for each moment, which actually takes the texture free from the tick’s feet, profoundly and rapidly cleaning them from the bedding. The new Deerma vacuum cleaner joins 4 successful approaches to manage dust vermin: light, warmth, vibration, and pull. Complete insurance is enacts with only one catch, rapidly expelling all ticks from the texture.

Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner TJ200


Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner TJ200 comes with multifunctional Dry/Wet/Wind Blowing Suction. Also, It has the effectively cleaning 100+ wet and dry basic life trash and quick-drying your floor after use. The Stunning 18kPa Strong Suction. TJ200 has 1200W force engine with 33000r/min Speed, adequately cleaning your home corner. There are Multiple Brushes which  Incorporates double use brush head, sucking or clearing the floor.

Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner TJ200

Cleaner TJ200 has 6L Top Dust Bucket simply requiring delicate press to isolate the pail and engine. Also, it The simple to be clean after use. More, It comes with Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Rod The flexible bar can be extended to 540-820cm, against consumption and vitality sparing. It combines with 5m power string and 1.5m hose, broadly cleaning huge regions. The Smart Indicator Remind At the point when the water and waste in the container obstruct the filtration chip. Also, The pointer will go to purple light, which implies the time has come to clear the pail.

Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner TJ200


Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner TJ200 has a 4-Layer Filtration System. The Pinhole steelwork + 150mm HEPA filtration Mesh + Air Input Filtration + Air Output Filtration. Also, It’s driving the cleaner with your foot, no compelling reason to twist your body. you can easily buy this from Tomtop at $89.99. So, What are you waiting for?

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