Xiaomi Driving Recorder 2 Releasing Soon: 2K Camera, 140°Ultra-Wide-Angle


Xiaomi Driving Recorder 2 2K version is now available for pre-sale on Jingdong. The price is 399 yuan, the deposit of 10 yuan can be reduced to 30 yuan. And the final price of 379 yuan will be officially launched on June 1.

At present, the appearance and parameters of this new product have not been announced. But from the title of the product, the Xiaomi Driving Recorder 2 2K version supports 2K recording. It has a 140 ° super-wide-angle and also supports intelligent voice control and 3D noise reduction night vision.

Currently, there are two driving recorders on sale at Xiaomi Mall. Namely Xiaomi Recorder 1S (299 yuan) and Xiaomi Rearview Mirror Recorder (349 yuan).

The Xiaomi driving recorder 1S was released in October 2018. It is an iterative upgrade product of the first generation of the driving recorder released in 2017. The price remains unchanged (the initial price is 349 yuan).

The body of Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S is made of lightweight aluminum. Integrated molding process, large lens design, and a 3-inch IPS screen. Compared with the previous generation. The screen material has been upgraded. And the screen display is clearer.

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Compared with the first-generation product. The Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S has been upgraded on the image sensor. Supports 1080P recording and is equipped with a Sony IMX307 starlight night vision sensor. With an F1.8 large aperture to ensure sufficient light input. Even at low illumination You can also take a clear license plate at night. The 140 ° wide-angle lens can cover three lanes. New products are expected to be further upgraded in terms of sensors. We will wait and see.


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