Xiaomi Duke LI1 Rangefinder Launched Under Crowdfunding On the Youpin Platform


Xiaomi has launched the Duke LI1 Rangefinder under crowdfunding on the Youpin platform. The product carries a crowdfunding price of 99 yuan (about $15.50), while its original price is 159 yuan (around $25). This new rangefinder has the characteristics of real-time angle laser projection line two-in-one, high-precision measurement, double-sided high-definition LED screen, and aluminum alloy matte body.

As usual, we are talking about a device that is sold in the Xiaomi store, but that belongs to a manufacturer in its ecosystem. A device that offers us by means of laser technology the measurement of any space, both linearly and spatially, calculating the area of ​​a room.

The state-of-the-art technology of Xiaomi Duke LI1 Rangefinder, which uses a microelectromechanical system and advanced software, allows measuring with the precision of plus or minus 0.5 degrees. In addition, the measurement is done in a very short time, so it is easy to make the measurements.

As we said, it is a device that can make 360-degree measurements, thanks to the tripod it has. In this way, we can measure around us without altering the position of the rangefinder. Since without this tripod it would be much more difficult to achieve accurate 360-degree measurements.

Of course, Xiaomi Duke LI1 Rangefinder have an LED screen, which shows us the information about the measurements in real-time. This technology precisely allows having the best visibility even in the most difficult environments, with more light. It is also a fairly light device, weighing 70 grams and very thin, with a thickness of only 20mm.

Despite this, it is very resistant, as it has an ultra-resistant metal body that can overcome falls and protect the electronics from these. In addition, thanks to the IP54 certification, it is able to resist water, splashes, sweat or rain, and also dust, so it can be used without problems in more hostile environments such as a construction site.

As a good gadget, it has a rechargeable battery. This can be charged with a USB Type-C cable, so the same one you use for your phone allows you to charge it comfortably.

A 730mAh battery that will give us energy for many measurement sessions. The best of all once again is its price, which is 159 yuan, and the crowdfunding price was only 99 yuan, although as you know you will have to resort to importation to be able to get hold of it. Although Xiaomi Duke LI1 Rangefinder is to be expected that it does not take long to appear in the most common Chinese stores.

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