Xiaomi Eco Line Will Release Huami Amazfit SmartWatch on August 30


There is much rumor about Xiaomi smartwatch, to be exact, it will be Huami smartwatch from Xiaomi Eco line company, and it will be announced on August 30.  According to the latest invitation, Huami will release Amazfit watch, a new product press conference on August 30, which has the theme of running and exercising. If you don’t believe it will be smart watch, check the new evidence with us.


According to China 3C certificate center, Huami has released Amazfit bracelet, right now they are preparing Amazfit watch which is the Xiaomi mi smartwatch we want before, it is equipped with functions of storage and playing music.



It’s said Huami Tech. first smart watch will have round dial, two buttons on the side, as for its price, it will be very likely in 150usd to compete with Meizu smartwatch. By the way, Xiaomi official has clarified that many users ask when Xiaomi mi smartwatch release, in fact, Xiaomi didn’t release Xiaomi smartwatch, only Xiaomi eco line Huami will release it soon. But Xiaomi has no relationship with MIjia brand. It seems that Xiaomi puts more effort to let you users know its eco line product has no much relationship with Xiaomi, Mijia. On the one hand, it will protect Xiaomi brand, on the other hand, it can avoid more confusion. Xiaomi only focuses on smartphone, TV and wifi router more.


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