Xiaomi Ecological Chain Released Anti-Lost Traction Bracelet: For Just 39 Yuan ($5.7)


Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise Shanghai Shuo Mi Technology officially released the “anti-lost traction bracelet” in Xiaomi. What is “anti-lost traction”? That is the bracelet that prevents children from getting lost. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a high-tech product with built-in GPS or Bluetooth, but a simple 301 wire wrapped in PVC with a bracelet on both sides. The bracelet is fully stretched up to 2 meters in length and has a safety lock. The parent side has a key to prevent the child from unraveling. which is currently on the shelves of Xiaomi products , priced at 39 yuan ($5.7).

The anti-lost traction bracelet adopts a two-way mode design, which is attached to the front side and reinforced on the reverse side to effectively prevent the baby from breaking off the bracelet. The thickness of the bracelet can be adjusted according to the size of the baby and the parents.

The wire is designed as a sandwich combination, the outer layer is made of high-transparent PU, the middle layer is nested with PVC white core, and the inner core is made of 301 steel wire. It can rebound quickly after stretching, and the 301 steel wire is not easily cut and is durable.

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The length of the bracelet can be up to 2 meters after full stretching, giving the child the freedom to play while ensuring that he does not get out of the safe sight of the parent. The color is available in peach powder and water blue. It is suitable for babies of different genders.

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