Xiaomi Black Shark Game Bluetooth Headset Release: LED Light Effect


If the gamepad makes the user feel the best, then the Black Shark Gaming Headset will be compatible with audiovisual. As a professional e-sports-grade Bluetooth headset, Black Shark Bluetooth Headset innovatively uses “graphene + metal titanium” double-coil coaxial design, sound positioning is more accurate, and the sound level is more vivid. The ENC environmental noise reduction technology used in the product can effectively suppress most of the environmental noise and ensure the sound quality is refreshed.

It is worth mentioning that the black shark game Bluetooth headset will also be used to port the LED lighting system of the headset-type esports headset to the Bluetooth headset. The user can use the play button and the + button to enable and switch the LED light flash mode. When entering the shark mode, it can also turn on the cool lighting of the Black Shark game Bluetooth headset and the game-specific sound effects to bring the user an immersive gaming experience.

All along, “born as a competitive” is the constant pursuit of Black Shark Technology. Now, with the iterative update and category extension of new e-sports products, Black Shark Technology is starting to create the top gaming esports mobile phone and accessories.

“Black Shark Technology will develop peripherals on the one hand, including gamepads, earphones, and future mobile phone related products and services. On the other hand, it will open up the upstream and downstream to form a common communion of enterprise development.” With the popularity and reputation of the black shark game mobile phone, I believe that the second generation of black shark game controller and black shark game Bluetooth headset can also gain more. The game player’s favorite; at the same time, with the improvement of the black shark mobile e-sports industry ecological chain, we can also foresee that the black shark game empire will rise.

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According to the relevant person in charge of Black Shark Technology, the two new black shark products that will be unveiled will be publicly sold in Xiaomi Mall, Jingdong Mall, Youpin Mall, Black Shark Mall and other platforms. The second generation of black shark game controllers is sold. The price is 179 yuan, the price of the Black Shark game Bluetooth headset is 499 yuan.

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