Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor Review: You dont want to miss out on this


Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company which has been providing quality electronic appliances to the consumers in the last few years. It is always coming up with some of the best products which cop with the demand of the consumers. So, the new Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor is not out of this criterion. It works as a head razor with a very elegant design and comes with all the latest features which will allow you to have a very nice experience for shaving your head or face. This device will give you a carefree shaving experience very little worry about getting cut.


The Xiaomi ES3 has a very elegant body design with a firm hand grip for the body and the floating 3D head provides a good performance to shave the face. It has 3 blades that form mesh loop to shave from all directions of the face. The Xiaomi ES3 has a very flexible 3D floating tool head which allows the device to shave the corners of the face very smoothly. The flexibility of the Xiaomi ES3 allows the device to shave or trim the various facial contours or in regular word edges of the face without the worry of having to get cut. Its 3D floating head allows it go by the corners of the face very steadily.


The Xiaomi ES3 has a double ring mesh which increases the contrast area between the face and the blade. This allows the user not to shave the same area several times. This increases the efficiency of the device allowing the users to have a better shaving experience. The dual ring blades that makes a mesh will grind each other to give you the ultimate shaving experience with out frequent replacement of the 3D floating head. This allows the blades to shave more efficiently without any hassles at all. The Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor has a built in 600 mAh Li-ion battery. This allows the device to work for almost 60 minutes if it is full charged. This is more than enough for a Head Razor with power consumption of 5W.

The Xiaomi ES3 has 2 shaving modes for adjusting the speed. One is the high-speed mode and the other one is the extreme speed mode. These modes can be adjusted by simply pressing the button 3 second long. You can easily change the modes while shaving by pressing that button. Shifting the modes, you can easily adjust to your shaving methods.

The Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor is currently available on Gearbest for $29.99

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