Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X Officially Released


According to xiaomi smart door lock official micro message, today, Xiaomi face recognition smart door lock X was officially released, supporting brush face unlock and other 8 ways to unlock.

It is reported that Xiaomi face recognition intelligent door lock X is equipped with 3D structural light face recognition, using self-developed recognition module, including speckle projector, infrared light filling lamp, RGB camera, photosensitive sensor, distance sensor, infrared camera.

Go to the door without hands, automatic face brush lock is open, known as non-inductive face brush second speed unlock, the official said, the door has financial payment enhanced security certification.

Besides, Xiaomi face recognition intelligence door lock X has a number of security configurations, including full condition monitoring within the electronic lock body, the main control chip in preventing electromagnetic interference shielding door lock and multiple layer (fear tesla coil “black box” attack), 20 phantom passwords, stay upright c-class lock core, detection, and abnormal alarm, etc.

In addition, the door lock supports 8 unlock methods, including face, fingerprint, password, NFC and so on.

Mi face recognition smart door lock X is equipped with an AMOLED screen, which can be used for face entry, recognition and check door lock status. It supports Mi home and HomeKit. It has a built-in battery of 6250mAh capacity and supports App one-stop management.

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Xiaomi face recognition smart door lock X will be available for pre-sale on October 12, the official price has not been announced yet, students who want to replace the smart door lock at home can be a wave.


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