Xiaomi Fast Charging Car Charger Metal Style For Just $13.04 at @Gearbest


Xiaomi Fast Charging Car Charger Metal Style has a durable construction. This USB car charger delivers a fast and reliable charge.The Xiaomi Mi 2-in-1 Car Charger is a must have for any car. It is perfect for those who are regular car travelers. This Xiaomi car charger has two USB ports that allow you to charge two devices simultaneously.

Moreover, this car charger identifies the car device and adjusts the output power automatically to deliver the fastest charge possible. The high-quality all-metal outer case of this charger gives you the best of both looks and durability. Available in a silver finish, the Xiaomi car charger is suitable for almost all major car models. Furthermore, the electricity conversion ratio of this charger reaches up to 95 percent, which is better than most of the conventional car chargers.

The all-metal outer casing of this Xiaomi car charger is made of selected 100 percent machined brass that offers excellent heat dissipation and resistance to high and low temperatures. Also, the casing ensures quick conduction of electricity. Moreover, the silver metallic color of the charger will match perfectly with almost all vehicles.

This Xiaomi car charger is equipped with two USB ports that give you the freedom to charge two devices at the same time. With a maximum output power of 5V / 2.4A for per port, this charger delivers a high-speed charging. Furthermore, the charger is compatible with major brands of smartphones and tablets. With this charger, you can also recharge portable gaming devices, digital cameras, and even the new MacBook via USB Type-C port.

This 2-in-1 car charger is equipped with five kinds of short-circuit protection. It has overcurrent protection that prevents the passage of excess electric current through the charger. The short circuit protection keeps your safe from short circuits during operation. Furthermore, the excessive pressure protection keeps the charger safe from high voltage output. Also, this charge has an automatic protection from overheating. The built-in smart chip of this charger not only ensures safety but also automatically detects the power distribution.

Charge your smartphone or other digital devices anytime and anywhere with this Xiaomi Fast Charging Car Charger Metal Style. It has two USB ports for simultaneous charging and supports Quick Charge, which automatically adjusts output power for different devices. Right now we can buy from Gearbest at $13.04 in Flash sale


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