Xiaomi Fengmi M055FCN Review – DLP Projector at $519.99 From Gearbest (Coupon)


Maybe you think you don’t know the Fengmi brand, but if I tell you that this is the company that makes Xiaomi and Wemax projectors, including high-end laser, it is a game-changer. The brand is indeed unknown under its proper name until now. Fengmi launches a new portable video projector, the Xiaomi Fengmi M055FCN DLP Projector, which is sure to remind you of the Xgimi CC Aurora. It is not only innovative in design but also has a high-level hardware configuration.

Buy Xiaomi Fengmi M055FCN From Gearbest


The Xiaomi Fengmi M055FCN DLP Projector comes with a very compact housing of 155 x 125 x 160 mm, it is very small and easy to carry. The four sides of the machine are covered with CNC mechanical holes, which not only gives the projector a beautiful appearance but can also be used as a radiator and loudspeaker. Of course, it can also reduce the weight of the machine. The Fengmi Smart M055FCN is a minimalist style with a metal case and fabric finish that combines the perfect fit with the softness to give the projector a pretty look. In addition, this projector is the leader in short focal length projection, with a projection ratio of 1.2:1, can easily cast 40-200 inches of viewing images by adjusting the distance, watching movies, watching TV, doing display, playing games, watching “starry sky”, everywhere are “big scenes.”


It should be noted that the Xiaomi Fengmi M055FCN DLP Projector uses the high-performance Class-TV Amlogic T968-H chip, which is superior to the ordinary projection chip in terms of system performance and image processing. Dolby Atmos-certified technology delivers a powerful and immersive listening experience with a more natural and realistic sound. In addition, the Wemax Smart DMD projector has a storage of 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM that allows installing many applications. Does it also support AI Bluetooth voice remote control, and uses the MI TV MIUI TV homology, you will use it to control the Mijia Smart Home Device.

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Xiaomi Fengmi M055FCN DLP Projector does not shrink in terms of hardware and system configuration. It adopts full HD 1080P resolution, 0.33DMD display technology; LED light source and is equipped with a 16000mAh high capacity built-in battery. It also supports auto lens focus, keystone correction (left and right ± 45 degrees, vertical ± 45 degrees); 3D sound and Hi-Fi (double certified by DTS + DOLBY). The Xiaomi Fengmi M055FCN DLP Projector has a projection ratio of 1.2: 1. It can also easily sink a 40-200 inch screen by adjusting the distance. The brightness of the projector is about 550 ANSI lumen. He can bring a great experience of the PLUS version, watching movies, showing, and playing games. As for connectivity, the Wemax Smart DMD projector has a power interface, a USB 3.0 interface, an HDMI interface. These can meet the needs of everyday use.


Now Fengmi has a small, powerful Xiaomi Fengmi M055FCN DLP Projector with a Xiaomi MIUI TV blessing, a physical 1080P resolution (4K upwards compatibility), and a 16,000 mA high-capacity battery, which is still pretty good in paper terms. How about this projector? Is it worth starting with? We can buy it from Gearbest at $515.99 with Coupon Code: GBFENGMI1080 in Flash Sale.

Buy Xiaomi Fengmi M055FCN From Gearbest


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