Xiaomi Fengmi Projector Review: 4K Cinema HD Laser Projector For Just $1818.99 at Gearbest


Xiaomi Fengmi Projector L176FCN Laser TV 4K Cinema HD Projector from the production halls of the Xiaomi subsidiary “Fengmi”. The Xiaomi Fengmi Projector L176FCN Laser Projector uses 4K resolution, which is four times more sharp than 1080P. It still has a sharp and clear picture under the 100-inch screen. And it also uses Texas Instruments (TI) custom DLP digital light processing technology, the picture performance is clearer and brighter, the details are rich and realistic, and the reduction is higher.

Buy Xiaomi Fengmi Projector L176FCN Laser Projector from Gearbest


The design has a black and greyish chassis made from plastic. One can witness vents all on the sides for excellent heat dissipation, in fact, the best in Chinese projectors. A-line pattern can be seen as well on the back where the placement of the ports is situated. Apart from these, the projector looks like another expensive ADLP projector with the projecting lens on the top and a rectangular design. In terms of dimensions, the projector occupies a space of 456 x 308 x 91mm and weighs around 7.5 kg, slightly larger and heavier than Wemax ONE PRO, but smaller than Mi laser projector. Considering the connectivity, everything is on the backside of the projector including 3.5mm audio jack, HDMI (arc), HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, LAN, DC in, and power. In the wireless section, there’s the Dual Band WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0.

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The Xiaomi Fengmi Projector L176FCN Laser Projector has a light source with 5000 lumens and a picture brightness of 1700 ANSI lumens (highlight mode). Can be comparable to the theater’s 3000: 1 native contrast, with HDR10 decoding, the dark details can also be seen clearly, the picture is more clear. It features a large depth of field ultra-short-focus lens of 0.233:1, which can be projected onto a TV cabinet to project a large screen of more than 100 inches. The new ALPD°3.0 laser fluorescence display technology, combined with a red light ratio of 16-18%, makes the reproduction of characters and natural colors more realistic. The light source has a service life of more than 25,000 hours and can watch more than 10,000 movies (2 hours calculation).

Fengmi features the MIUI TV OS which is used in Xiaomi projectors, TV boxes, and TVs. If you love a title-based UI similar to Amazon Fire OS, you might love this OS. There’s plenty of content out there, mostly in Chinese. Apart from the Chinese language, you can change it to English as well. With 64GB of ROM, there’s plenty of space to download apps and store media. Under the hood, there’s the Bluetooth 4.0 module as well to connect to an audio system. The project supports 3D as well but you will need separate 3D glasses. Concerning the sound system, it does support DTS audio.


Buy Xiaomi Fengmi Projector L176FCN Laser Projector from Gearbest

Xiaomi Fengmi Projector L176FCN Laser Projector provides the same resolution, focus distance, brightness, and contrast, along with the additional feature of eye projector for a much better price. we can buy it from Gearbest at $1818.99

Update on June 23, 2020

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