Xiaomi Fully Automatic Lighting Umbrella Launched On Youpin


Recently, Xiaomi has launched a fully automatic lighting umbrella on Youpin, which is features a ten-bone umbrella stand, 230T umbrella cloth, level 5 waterproof, strong sun protection, reverse explosion-proof, and other features. In terms of the price, the price of this Xiaomi Fully Automatic Lighting Umbrella is 79 yuan (about $12.11), but currently, it is available on Youpin with a special price of 69 yuan (around $10.58).

In detail, the new Xiaomi Fully Automatic Lighting Umbrella using a 230T high-density cloth to make the umbrella surface, which makes it efficient for rain and sun protection, to ensure the basic attributes of the umbrella. The five-level anti-splashing water has no water seepage, and the rainwater knocks down the umbrella surface to cause the lotus leaf effect to slide down, and the umbrella surface is still clean and tidy.

The densely woven umbrella fabric has a UPF>50, which can block all the ultraviolet rays outside the umbrella. The temperature under the umbrella is 3~7°C lower on average, and the body feels comfortable.

The new Xiaomi Fully Automatic Lighting Umbrella is made of light and strong aluminum alloy and is designed with a 10-bone umbrella frame to provide a strong core for it. Use high-performance springs and a unique anti-rebound design structure. When you go out of the outdoors, you can quickly open the umbrella with the button, and return to the room. It is easy to retract the umbrella without rebounding, and it is easy to use.

The three-fold design of the empty valley automatic umbrella adopts an internal retractable structure. After being folded, the umbrella is no longer wetted with water. This avoids the embarrassment of getting wet by passers-by when taking public transportation and makes storage more convenient.

Besides, the new Xiaomi Fully Automatic Lighting Umbrella has a high-energy LED lighting bead at the bottom of the umbrella handle, with a diameter of one meter and an effective lighting distance of up to 10 meters. So, walking into the rainy lane in the night, you can illuminate the road ahead and move forward safely without looking for other lighting equipment.

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