Xiaomi H1 Memory Cotton Pillow Releases at 99 yuan, $16 for Crowdfunding


Today Xiaomi has released its 98th crowdfunding new product, a 8H cool flexible memory cotton pillow, Xiaomi H1, selling at 99 yuan, $16. It aims at comfortable and cool, anti-bacteria,re-bouncing  in 3 seconds to 5 seconds.

It has 50cm x 30cm x 10cm/7cm dimensions, adopting three curved design, which can be used in two ways, it has 10cm height in first part, 7cm height in bottom part, which can is closely suitable for human’ neck curve.

The pillow is made of raw material from BASF required from NASA, USA, it has 600g weight, 50D density, which can absorb impact, very comfortable to sleep without pressure. In addition, the surface of the pillow is made from CoolLite technology, its cool fiber is up to 49%, over 5 million  high molecular, 85% high crystallinity, which is quite good heat conduction, which can produce instant temperature difference between 1℃ and 2℃.

The inner part uses cleancool anti-bacterial material, adding silver inside anti-bacterial material, which can restrict  NDM-1, H1N1, and MRSA three big bacterial and other common harmful bacterial effectively. Therefore Xiaomi H1 Memory Cotton Pillow is a very practical and high-end pillow you need to try for your better health or sleep.


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