Xiaomi Has a Shelf On The Yueli Hair Dryer: 99 Yuan/5.5 inch Phone Size


Xiaomi has a new Yueli hair dryer for this month, which is mainly portable and priced at 99 yuan ($14.27).

Moreover, it adopts the EHD balanced heating and drying technology, the heat is evenly distributed on the surface of the scalp, avoiding the partial hair being too dry due to heat accumulation, resulting in damage to the hair, and the heat generation process forms air convection, and the circulation heats up. Comfortable.

It weighs only 340g and is light and portable even with one hand. The volume can be small enough to be hidden in your handbag or cosmetic bag. When it is folded, it is equivalent to the size of a 5.5-inch mobile phone, only 153cm3, which does not occupy a place.

The figure is small, but it has a large amount of wind. According to the official introduction, the monthly portable mini hair dryer uses the imported motor from Japan, the low speed is stable, the shifting is smooth, the speed range is larger, and the natural wind of soft and large airflow is sent in a limited narrow body.

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In addition, it also has a built-in active overheat protection device. When the temperature control sensor detects overheating of the phone, it automatically cuts the temperature control, the motor still runs, and the air outlet continues to cool cold until it cools. At the same time, the NEC temperature fuse imported from Japan is used. When the active protection failure is detected and the phone is overheated,  Yueli hair dryer is automatically blown, completely eliminating safety hazards.

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