Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex Foldable Phone Exposure, A New Screen Design


It has been rumored to be a foldable, but it has never been seen in the market. Recently, Rouyu Technology released a global foldable Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex, which came out like Samsung and Huawei caught off guard.

But the amazing is far more than that. The upper part of the back of the body of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex concept Phone is covered by the screen. You can see that the screen is wrapped with three rear lenses, and the lower body is still glass. This design is actually for one purpose, that is, in order to fold the front and back are the screens. Let’s look at the folding process of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex concept phone. It can be seen that it is folded from the center of the body to the inside of the screen.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex uses a self-developed 7.8-inch flap flexible screen 2 generation, the screen can be folded to 4.0 inches if you open it is flat, it is very free for the user. The performance is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 series chip, the camera effect is similar to that of the ordinary mid-range mobile phone. In short, this mobile phone creative is some but it is too expensive. The 6G+128G version must be 8999 yuan ($1297.48).

After the launch of the phone, Xiaomi leaks out a new model of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex, which is also a foldable phone, and the design is very unique. Xiaomi Mix Flex uses a 6.2-inch OLED screen. The border of the phone is very detailed, and the back of this phone is also a screen. Do you feel this design? It’s really beautiful to have no friends.

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In addition, because this phone has more screens, in order to maintain a super high screen ratio, the front lens of the mobile phone adopts a lifting design, and the rear uses three shots and is embedded with the screen on the back. It’s wonderful. Xiaomi is very much looking forward to the arrival of this phone, but I don’t know when it will be listed. If you go public, would you like it?

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