Xiaomi Has a Wireless Self-Cleaning Wiper: With Smart System Technology


Xiaomi has a product on the line today, a Kah wireless self-cleaning wiper, wipe clean self-cleaning, no trace quick-drying, wireless light, price of 1999 yuan ($290.53).

The traditional wiping cloth is dirty when it is used, and it needs to be washed repeatedly. The Kach wiper innovative “self-cleaning” technology, rubbing the floor and self-cleaning simultaneously, rubbing the floor and self-cleaning the drum at the same time, always keeping the water clean, saving effort and not the dirty hand.

The innovative double tank “net and pollution separation” system, “water quantity control system” controls the clean water tank to release clean water at a uniform speed of 11.6ml/m2, and the sewage tank continuously recovers dirty water. No stains are left on the ground, and the ground is quick-drying and refreshing within 2 minutes.

Equipped with the core “T-shaped multi-stage center drive system” technology, the brush head motor drives a semi-open drum with a width of 30 cm on both sides to achieve the operation of sticking to the ground and cleaning without leaving a dead angle.

The brush head motor drives the cleaning roller to a speed of up to 500 rpm. The roller has a ground pressure of up to 25.5 kPa at high speed, which is 204 times that of a conventional mop. High-quality fiber cloth surface roller can withstand 600C warm water machine wash, strong removal of stubborn stains without lint and scratches.

The German R&D center fully considers the need for small space storage. The body of the wiper adds handle detachable function, the height can be reduced to 93cm, and the storage base occupies only slightly more than one A4 paper area. The brush head motor drives the machine to drive forward, and it is more labor-saving without bending. Wireless restraint, that is, wipe away.

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The high-quality imported lithium battery of 7.2V/2600mAh is used for charging for 4 hours, the battery life is up to 20 minutes, and the cleaning area is up to 60 square meters.

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