Xiaomi Has Applied For 33K Patents In 2019, Chang Cheng Said


Today, the new vice president of Xiaomi Chang Cheng exposed the technical panorama of the company, so let’s take a look.

As can be seen from the figure, Xiaomi’s technology expenditure in the first three quarters of 2019 was 5.3 billion yuan (about US$769578550.00). As of 2019, Xiaomi has applied for 33K patents. The entire Xiaomi technology is divided into 9 major items which include applications & services, industrial design, artificial intelligence, communication technology, big data, security & privacy, operating system customization, cloud technology, hardware, and drivers. These 9 major sectors together constitute the field under the responsibility of Xiaomi’s technical department.

In addition, Chang Cheng also emphasized that the AI field patents of Xiaomi is ranked first in the global Internet companies. Over the past 5 years, Xiaomi has invested 50 billion in 5G related technology research and development and adopted a “mobile phone + ‘AIoT” dual engine to help Xiaomi achieve a breakthrough in all scenarios.

It is worth noting that, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun said at a conference that the total R & D investment of Xiaomi in 2020 will exceed 10 billion yuan (US$1449212000.00). At the same time, the chairman of the technical committee of the Xiaomi Group Cui Baoqiu said in an interview with the media that it is a big misunderstanding that Xiaomi is “cheap without good goods”. Xiaomi’s technology is far beyond imagination. Do not underestimate the investment of Xiaomi in technology.

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