Xiaomi has filed a new patent for wireless charging that allows multiple devices to be charged simultaneously


Beijing-based Xiaomi Mobile Software Co LTD recently applied for a patent entitled “wireless charging method and device, electronic device and storage medium”.

igeekphone inquiry State Intellectual Property Office learned that this disclosure is about a wireless charging method and device, electronic equipment and storage media.

The wireless charging method applied to a power supply device may include: negotiating charging parameters with a plurality of target power receiving devices; Wherein, the target electric receiving device is: the device that determines to accept the wireless charging of the power supply device; Select charging parameters supported by the multiple target electric devices and the power supply devices as target parameters; According to the target parameters, the first-line circle is used to charge the multiple target electric devices wirelessly.

Through this patented technology, can realize a single wireless charging device to multiple mobile phone terminals for power supply operation. In a way, the technology is similar to how existing 3-in-1 data cables work.


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