Xiaomi Has Shelves 36 Smart Handwriting Lossless Preservation


Today Xiaomi crowdfunding put on a 36-character smart handwritten book, which can transfer the paper track to the cloud in real time, unlimited storage, priced at 249 yuan ($37.06). Today, this product has been sold in Xiaomi, priced at 369 yuan ($54.91).

The 36-character smart handwriting uses high-precision electromagnetic sensing technology to digitize your handwritten content, display it in the app without delay, and render it into a high-definition vector image so that your handwriting can be saved without loss. At the same time, passive electromagnetic touch technology can be used to directly write and transmit with a smart stylus, without a series of cumbersome operations such as charging pairing.

The 36-character smart handwriting uses an analog/digital high-speed conversion chip to ensure that the handwriting track is accurately captured; the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chip is used to achieve more stable data transmission. The handwritten information is retained to the cloud without loss, and the data is shared with the account multi-platform, and the security is more convenient.

In terms of materials, PU leather, colorful cover, 100g environmentally-friendly pure paper, 40 sheets of writable pages, custom-made Swiss imported D1 refill, 0.6mm oily pen ink, written and dried, can continuously write 1400 meters of continuous ink.

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36 records using the Hall sensor to operate the switch, turn the tablet open, start the automatic sleep, pure standby time of more than 300 days, built-in large-capacity offline storage, under the self-developed file compression algorithm, Store up to 50 pages of offline notes.

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