Xiaomi Hey+ B1800 0.95 Inch AMOLED Smart Watch NFC Long Standby Review:


The manufacturers of technological products in recent years have opted to minimize the size of the devices. Such is the case of smart bands, some bracelets that have improved the lifestyle of people. They are very appreciated by athletes and by all those who want to lead a healthy life. That is why the fourth largest technology company in the world has launched the new Xiaomi Hey Plus, an amazing smart bracelet that aims to be part of the kit of all fitness people.

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Xiaomi Hey Plus: Unboxing

Our smart band comes in a white package with dimensions of 10 x 10 x 4 cm. The small rectangular box has an image of the device on the cover and specifications in Chinese on the back. Inside it we find an instruction manual, as well as a cardboard section where our Xiaomi Hey + will be. In the same way, we can find a smaller box that includes its respective USB type charger. On the other hand, the package is very light, weighing 180 grams.

Xiaomi Hey Plus: Design

The elliptical minimalist design of the Xiaomi Hey Plus is simple and attractive. It has a black silicone strap to adjust to the size of your wrist. The smart band has a length of 22.50 cm, a width of 1.57 cm and a height of 1.05 cm. Also, as you can imagine, weighs only 19 grams, so you will not feel that you’re wearing it.

Xiaomi Hey Plus: Screen

Something that attracts a lot of attention is the screen of the device. Unlike others of its kind, it has a capacitive OLED touch screen. It offers a resolution of  240 X 120 pixels and an excellent color range of up to 100% at 24 bits. As for the size, it measures  0.95 inches. This measure surpasses that of the Xiaomi Mi band 3, whose screen is 0.73 inches.

Xiaomi Hey Plus: Heart Rate Meter and Calorie Meter

Do you remember that at the beginning of the article we said that the Xiaomi Hey Plus would be liked by athletes? Well, the function of the heart rate meter confirms it. It is ideal for when you are going to jog or run, also to be aware of your health. Remember that the normal heart rate of an adult is at rest is 60-100 beats per minute, although in some athletes, this can decrease below 60. In this way, your experience as a gymnast could improve.

It is important to mention that the bracelet has the function of measuring the amount of calories burned after exercising. This will undoubtedly be very useful for those who intend to lose weight, as they will be able to keep an exact control and register, as well as motivate themselves when they see the results.

Xiaomi Hey Plus: Pedometer and reminder of a sedentary lifestyle

The smartband has a high-precision 3-axis sensor and a Skylark anti-movement algorithm. Thanks to this, you can achieve accurate monitoring of movement data. This sensor, among other things, allows us the function of the pedometer, which serves to count the number of steps you take, as well as the distance traveled. In addition, it includes the reminder function of a sedentary lifestyle, which will warn you if you have been sitting or lying for a long time so that you stretch and exercise your muscles.

Xiaomi Hey Plus: Alarms, reminders and notifications

Of course, you could not miss the option to set alarms, with their respective vibrations and all kinds of reminders so that you can easily meet your schedule. In the same way, the band will notify you when you have an incoming call . In addition, you can see the content of your messages on the screen. More than 10 messages and calls are made to order, however, the only one is that you can not answer them. Likewise, you will receive notifications from social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, among others.

Xiaomi Hey Plus: Near Field Communication

Thanks to the fact that the smartband has integrated the Near Field Communication Technology (in its acronym in English,  NFC ) it will be possible to make different types of payment. Lately several sites are adopting this innovation. An example is the case of China, where it is used to supply the  Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei intercom card, which covers 148 cities. That is a sophisticated way of transporting yourself. In other cases, it is used to block doors, to “pass” to the station, etc. There are many possibilities that the NFC offers us , however, everything will depend if your country has available the function.

Xiaomi Hey Plus: Sleep Monitor, Remote Camera and other functions

In addition to the HRM, the smart bracelet has the function of monitoring sleep. This is how you can register if you had a light or deep sleep, the times you woke up, etc. Another feature that we must point out is the possibility of using the product of Xiaomi as a remote camera, that is, taking a picture on your smartphone by pressing the screen of the smart band. Also, we can find our phone if we get lost in the house because with the help of the smart band we can locate it.

Finally, the Xiaomi Hey Plus is water resistant, because it has IP68 protection. In this way, you can shower and even swim with him. Looking at what the battery refers to. It has a capacity of 120 mAh. This will allow continued use of 10 days and a duration of 2 hours.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Hey+ Watch

The Xiaomi Hey+ B1800 0.95 Inch AMOLED Smart Watch NFC Long Standby Watch is currently available on Banggood for $59.99.

Buy Xiaomi Hey+ B1800 0.95 Inch AMOLED Smart Watch for $59.99


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